The Phantom Airship

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Re: The Phantom Airship

Postby Neo-Tanuki » Fri Jul 10, 2015 4:53 am


(Hastily scribbled memo from Paladin Blake to Security Department, BAS Hollywood office, date unknown. Attached to end of file)

This was found in my office three days after Eliot submitted his final report. There's no return address or stamp on the envelope, and no one in the building claims to have seen it delivered or received it themselves. I've ordered a full search of the building by the Security staff ... but I have a feeling they aren't going to find anything. - PB

(A handwritten note on what looks like a torn page from a weatherstained aviation log)

Good afternoon, Mr. Blake.

I commend you on the diligence and insights of your employees. I would particularly note that your "Agent Libra" is a woman of remarkable resourcefulness and determination ... though I confess I am relieved she did not discern my true identity during my pleasant and all too brief conversation with her during a chance meeting in Boulder. I hope you will forgive my bluntness, sir, but you waste her talents in Colorado; she is a woman of great charm and beauty and you should not let her languish in such a squalid den of thieves and villainy.

I know you have recently developed a keen interest in the activities of myself and my associates. While you may not agree with my methods, I assure you that our goals are not in conflict. Indeed, I have the greatest admiration for you and your organization. You have no need to fear that our attention will be drawn to your clientele; the Dead have far blacker sinners to pursue before our work on this Earth is complete. I am sorry that I was unable to tarry long enough to speak with you in person. Please do not trouble yourself on my account; by the time you receive this note I will be long gone. You have my word I have left your headquarters undisturbed.

There are foul souls out there in the darkness, Mr. Blake; viler even than the ordinary stripe of villain and cutthroat you challenge in the skies. I advise you not to pry into their affairs; it would grieve me deeply if a beloved public figure as yourself came to any harm on my account. The people need their heroes, Mr. Blake, but there are some evils too profound for heroes like yourself to face--such cruelty must be dragged shrieking and begging to judgment from beyond the grave. Some of these evils hide behind the faces of those you count as friends and pillars of the community, and though you may not know it, they will be most interested in your account of my affairs. Which is why I leave this small postscript for your records--for the sake of completeness, you understand--along with a final message:

Die Todten reiten schnell ("The Dead travel fast."). And I am coming for them. Soon.

Do not stand in my way when that time comes.


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Re: The Phantom Airship

Postby Thom » Sun Jul 12, 2015 4:37 am

I love it!
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