Solicitation 4: Short Stories

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Solicitation 4: Short Stories

Postby captnmartin » Fri Feb 12, 2010 2:09 pm

Much like the Catalyst Total Warfare production, the CMR will have short stories capping Chapters.

-Stories should be between 2500~3000 words long.
-Proper grammar and structure will make your submission more likely to be approved/selected.
-Avoid using homebrew units/characters as much as possible.
-That being said, remember to respect the Orginal Canon as much as possible if you decide to use a major unit.
-Focus your story around the theme of the chapter, ie, the Bomber rules chapter should be capped by a story revolving around bombers.
-Write with style, use a thesaurus, change up your phrases, make it exciting and interesting. "He fired his guns" vs "Roberts' thumbs mashed the buttons, causing the twin Joliet .60 cals to erupt in a blaze of fire and violence"
-Don't be dismayed by criticism

Air Warfare - Description of Fighter Combat Rules
Advanced Danger Zones - With permission from Fox Force Five, this updates danger zones
Advanced Weapons - New ammo types, rockets, and some experimental weaponry
Bombers - Rules for deploying and using Ultra-Heavy Aircraft
Zeppelins - Expanded Rules for Zeppelins, making them slightly more dynamic then there predecessors
Bombing - Ground Attack Rules, Strafing, High Altitude, Skip Bombing, Over the Shoulder

Out of plane RPG - [Rules for playing out the backroom wheeling and dealing of the Crimson Skies Universe[/i]

Construction Rules - Balanced, Tested, with Prices, these rules will allow you to build anything flyable in the Universe
Fighters, Gyros, Bombers, Zeppelins, Manufacturers List with Locations

World overview '39 - Nation, Pirate, Militia and other Updates, who is at war with who, etc.
New Aircraft - Some new 'official' aircraft with art

How to respond to this Solicitation
Post a New topic with the title "Submission to SOC4: Title of your Story"
In your post, restate the title, the chapter you are writing for, and your story.
Replies will be (constructive) criticism of your work.

Questions/Comments only in this thread please, no submissions.

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