Solicitation 2: Bomber Rules

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Solicitation 2: Bomber Rules

Postby captnmartin » Thu Feb 04, 2010 9:07 pm

The CMR project is now soliciting rules for Bombers, including construction rules, to be integrated into the Master Rules.

Format: PDF preferred, odt file accepted, please avoid .doc files.
Scope: Rules only, no fluff required. 'Bombers' refers to ultra-heavy (In universe) aircraft.
Looking for Rules governing a/c construction.
Bombing/Straffing Runs
Multi-Engine Support
Advanced Turret/Pintle Rules
Bomber Formation Defensive/Offensive Bonuses
Bear in mind that the rules should not deviate heavily from the established Crimson Skies Format for rules, consider your ruleset an expansion, not a re-write of established rules.

Your rules will be evaluated for the following
Simplicity: How easy they are to pick up, guideline is less than 10 minutes from reading to playable comprehension
Ruggedness: How 'loophole' proof the rules are, and how they integrate into Crimson Skies. If Bombers drop like flies, well the rules need work, same if Bombers require swarms of fighters to knock out of the sky.
Playability: How the rules integrate into playtime in game. Rules that significantly slow the play of the game are frowned upon.
Structure: Seperate from Simplicity, how well written the rules are. This is a minor concern on first submissions as we can fix that with re-writes.

Your rules will then be playtested further, and if they meet with consensus from the Playtesters, will be adopted as the Bomber rules for the CMR.

Benefit: Get your name in the CMR credits and become a part of Crimson Skies History (We will add a character to the Universe with your name, should you so choose)
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Re: Rules Solicitations: Bombers

Postby yahzuk » Fri Feb 05, 2010 12:09 am

Hey, it just so happens I've been working on some bomber rules! ;)
My goal is to have the complete by the end of Feb.

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