the wrong brother

Got a campaign? Kick tail-rudder scenario? Let us see it.
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Re: the wrong brother

Postby foxmalcolm » Wed Dec 15, 2010 3:25 am

As far as I can tell there isn't [but who knows maybe there is something about it in Zeppelins & Bombers], however it should be fairly simple to deduce an alternative.
I would start be taking the standard zeppelin sheet and remove [cut out] all but one gas cell, the nose and the tail, then cut that area in half and round it out.
This should leave you with one weapon nacelle on each side, front, left, rear, right.
There are no engines as they are tethered, you could always make a house rule about the tether itself, maybe any collision cuts the tether and it floats away in the direction of the wind at 1 hex a turn, the colliding plane takes 1 flack damage.

johnny gaijin
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Re: the wrong brother

Postby johnny gaijin » Sat Dec 25, 2010 4:20 am

session 3

now that the red spectres have an airship they begin their journey east to the curtis-wright headquarters in the ISA.
flying through lakota terrritory they are hired to hunt down some bandits that have been killing cattle.
the battle took place on the map w/ the rail road (with the rock formations that need to be avoided)

the heroes again (now with slightly better skills and equipment):
brigand and valiant
raven and valiant

the bandits:
vampire and devastator
2 avengers

the brigand and the valiant went after the two avengers. this time he made good use of his shock rockets (flare and sonic) and managed to take the first avenger out w/o taking too much fire. the valiant then crashed into the 2nd avenger destroying it but the valiant managed to survive.

meanwhile the raven and valiant team took on the vampire and devastator. i warned the players ahead of time to stay out of the way of the massive firepower of the vampire. pretty early into the maneuvering the raven and the devastator collided (two collisions in one battle, sheesh!). neither went down but both were pretty damaged. the wounded devastator was soon shot down and the valiant/raven wing went to work chipping away at the vampire's formidable armor. the player did a good job of maneuvering around the vampire which only got one shot off on the raven (most of the guns missed and the ones that hit only hit armor) before the brigand and other valiant came to assist and shot it down from behind.

the straight 3s for skills for the bad guys aren't cutting it. they hardly ever hit their targets and it's making it too easy. i'm thinking of randomizing their skills w/ a d6 die roll or using 350pt wingman pilots.

i was worried that the vampire was going to demolish the heroes but the valiant was pulling off all these crazy maneuvers making it impossible for the vampire to line up a shot.

i noticed in the instruction manual that it says tailing can be done w/in 3 hexes but the image shows only 2 hexes which is what i was doing. i'm going to start going w/ 3 hexes because there has been very little tailing so far and i want my players to do it more often because i think it will make them much more effective.

i've been building slowly w/ the scenarios. started w/ a straight open sky battle, then added a zeppelin, then difficult terrain. next up i'm going to do something different requiring a mid battle landing and destruction of ground targets possibly in the face of overwhelming numbers of enemies. a get in do the job and get out kind of mission as opposed to a straight dog fight.

one of the things i'm struggling with is how much money to allocate my players after every scenario. i want them to be able to upgrade their planes and to have enough money to buy replacements in the event that they are shot down but i don't want them to just soup up their planes immediately and then have no use for money after that....

again comments and suggestions are very welcome!

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