The Pacific Pearl Rush

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The Pacific Pearl Rush

Postby Grant » Sat Feb 07, 2009 1:41 am

Okay..Finally getting a LITTTTTLLLLEEE bit more time

Once I finish up more owkr on my website, I will be beginning a small Pacific Campaign.

Included is the Dastardly Don Karnage and his band of bloodthirst brutes, The cunning Kahn, with the backing of his Kahn Enterprises, and of course, the usual Japanese forces led by a predatory Japanese Princess...the goal???

Only the largest unfound pearl bank in the known world. With those four sides closing in who will win....????


Oh yeah, the Montana Raiders happen to run into the crossfire for awhile....The campaign will follow the story section of the RP So not really a campaign.....more like recreating battle smade in RP.

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