Treasure of Rameses

Got a campaign? Kick tail-rudder scenario? Let us see it.
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Treasure of Rameses

Postby Grant » Sat Feb 07, 2009 1:38 am

Okay.. Right now just a placeholder.(Well maybe for awhile, until I find time to try out some of the scenarios).

But I am letting you know of a planned campaign I am going to try in the future involving my personal group (Montana Raiders, still has to be put up on the forums, has combat zeppelin and 22 aircraft), VS The Black Condors (German "Bandit" unit operating covertly for Hitler. 2 Light Cruiser zeppelins and 32 aircraft), VS an unknown player.

All for a unknown and priceless treasure of a lost Egyptian Pharough.

I will be including several of my own German designs (Gunship converted off Coyote mini), and will be using the guided missile rules ... ssiles.htm for the Germans (In air to ground capacity).

Hopefully I can get to it relatively soon. And I am going to try and get a couple mini's converted beforehand. If I can I will put up photo's of them.

Phoenix Wrote
Sweet. I was thinking of an Egyptian campaign between my gorups the Night Eagles and a fanatical ultra-nationalist French pirate. The prize: a train, loaded with gold bullion adn treasure from the pyramid excavations.

Carthaginian Wrote
Both awesome ideas.
I like the pulp-ish, Indiana Jones feel. Can't wait to hear more about them.

Grant Wrote
That's it my campaign will be a slight nod to the awesome Indiana Jones series (Although I haven't seen the last one. Saving the $10.50 movie fee for the $16.99 DVD )

Those movies have such a great feel and look to them, and CrimsonSkies SCREAMS (You know what I mean right? ;) ) Indiana Jones.

Carthaginian Wrote
Yeah, Indy and Salla would fit right in amongst the characters of the CS Universe.

And in Crimson Skies, since they are so plentiful, maybe Indy could afford a plane of his own so he doesn't have to fly on an airline owned by his opponent every time.

Grant Wrote
Lol. What plane would suit him?

Probably something speedy, but likely not overgunned. About BTN 9, Speed5, 4G's twin .30's and 2 hardpoints? That or a BTN 6 twin-boom floatplane

Carthaginian Wrote
I'd see Indy in something like a Grumman Goose.
It ain't sexy, but it's practical... and it can go anywhere, land or sea.

EDIT: LOL... I just caught the Sea Duck reference. Glad to find another Tailspin fan; I used to LOVE that show.

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