[House Rules] - New Aircraft Characteristics

Expanded/Home Rules for Crimson Skies
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[House Rules] - New Aircraft Characteristics

Postby Carthaginian » Sun Apr 07, 2013 7:49 pm

Reenforced Landing Gear -(airplane, gyro)
Some aircraft are designed to take great stresses on landing- especially naval aircraft.
Effect: Reenforced Landing Gear gives a +1 bonus to Natural Touch skill when landing an aircraft.
Cost:Reenforced Landing Gear increases the cost of the airframe by 15%.

Poor Yaw Rate - (gyro)
Occasionally, a 'gyro just isn't as responsive as it should be, especially bigger ones.
Effect: Gyros with a Poor Yaw Rate cannot make a free hex side turn at the end of their movement.
Cost: Poor Yaw Rate reduces the airframe cost of an autogyro by 10%
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