HEY ALL!!!!

What's new your asking? Well whenever ou're on the site, check here ;) I usually wait to post here until after I have a bunch of stuff up, so they will be clusters.

  But hey..Here they are!!!

1-2-16    Wow....half a decade.....That's been too long.....But I'm here!!!  I have updated the locals, adding the disputed terrories and Soviet Far East Republic, added several new planes, The Hellhounds of Mexico campaign (created by Yahzuk) and cleaned up tons of spelling errors (with millions more to go)

12-30-10.   I been gone too long.  But, I somewhat made up for it.  Slightly streamlined the site, deleted some dead links, added profiles for the entire Montana Raiders unit (It's the websites "Mascot", so ya better check.)     Added several planes and fixed the dead-download for the Crimson Skies sourcebook and added direct-links for the Zeppelin and the Bomber buiding books.

12-5-09.  Well it's been awhile, but updates!  The links are updated, a pair of new pilots from the Montana Raiders unit (See Pirates section) added, and a HUGE amount of grammerical errors cleaned up.

Also check out the pirate band "The Black" in the "Pirates" section.  my own little dedication to the best crew in the 'verse.

9-2-09.  MORE UPDATES!!!  Actually I put up a VERY few since then.  I also updated THIS page from that pukish green&yellow to this.     Added 2 new pilot info to the Montana Raiders, updated IronFist Industries, the Smallarms section,etc.etc.

 4-20-09.   Well. I been updating more than is shown here.... I just forget to update THIS page.   Check out in the lounge, the new "Newspapers" section for an article on the recent raid of Edinburgh, Scotland by Viking Raiders.

  3-3-09.    Well...I HAVE been updating (Honest).  Added a buncha locations, Both sides in Australia, the Koji Empire, Alot of stuff...look around.  Also check the "Rules" section for my personal combat section "Crimson Bar rooms and Redheaded Dames".

  1-23-09.  GOT MORE UP!!!! Check: Pirates, Locations, Private, Military.  I got Khan Industries, and the EVG up. Along with a slightly edited Montana Raiders (Forgot to mention the zeppelin had 14 engines).

   1-23-09. Got the pirates section up, with the Montana Raiders and the two top pilots up.  The forum is in-progress and the Rules section is put up.  Alot of placeholders up!!! Locals, Military, Pirates and Downloads and the Pilots Lounge. Check em out then come back!!!

  1-22-09.  FINALLY!!!! I got my own website up :) Keep checking back.