Dexter "Dogface" Tillis.
HF wing Hammer. Wing position: Lead 4

Biography: "Dogface" is as he says.  He takes pride in being "The ugl'ist man 'n 'rth".    With a pure dogface, the now-aging man nonetheless is a likeable person, and one of the more popular clients at Sky Havens cathouses, being so ugly as to be cute in the eyes of some.

History: Dogface is former ISA militia.   He was booted after getting into a furball with the Red Skull Legion in '34.  The Legion had been returning from a raid, damaged and low on fuel and ammo, when they encountered Dogface's patrol flight on the border with Dixie.     The incedent started after a couple of insults were traded and one of the Legion pilots made a dubious comment about Dogface's mothers species.   

It ended with 2 Skull pilots down and Dogface leaving the militia, taking his Devastator with him.  He is not a staunch ISA loyalist, and has no qualms about raiding ISA property.     He has in his three years of flying accumulated a large number of friends, informants and "In-debts" across the continent, making him a valuable asset to the Raiders.

Aircraft: Dexter flies a modified Hughes Devastator.  He replaced the .40's with Sperry-Browning .50's and added a pair of hardpoints.  This has reduced the planes agility, and the extra weight also has made the aircraft somewhat sluggish to respond when accelerating. (Plane now has a Speed of 3, accel of 2, 3G's).  It's named "The Ugly", whose nose art consists of a woman wearing a witch's mask, which is a contrast to the rest of her body.

Weapons: A older man, who has seen a lot of action, has been convinced that a shotgun is the only game-winner.   He usually carries a sawed of, Winchester 97 12 gauge pump shotgun.  Times where he cannot carry it however, he does use a old French Le-mat revolver, a cartridge-firing copy of the old percussion revolver.    It has a 6 shot cylinder, chambering .38 long colt rounds, small and in-effective, but the small size is needed, freeing up space for the center-mounted 20 gauge shot barrel.   A oddity, it has never been produced in large numbers.

Billy "Four eyes" Dupree.
HF wing Hammer. Wing position: Wing 4

Biography: In his late teens, tall, but extremely skinny, average in every way. Sometimes his glasses can be a subject of joking on his part.  However his abilities in the cockpit generally silence most jokers except those who don't know him.

History:  Billy comes from the state of Arixo.  Born into a relatively poor family, he got a job working at a local airfield.    As work slowly dried out due to competition, he signed on to a zeppelin crew to earn more money.   As it turned out, his first flight out he aided the Raiders in capturing the zeppelin (Not in a small part due to Cindy Daniel's charm).  Left with little other choice, he joined the Raiders, who provided him with the Firestorm and pilot's training.        

He maintains a teenage flame for the Raider's second in command, Cindy Daniels, which is met with friendly rejection by her, and the point of jokes amongst the crew.   Regardless the crew likes him, and the pay is good, a large portion of which he saves and sends to his parents in Arixo.

Aircraft: Billy flies a un-modified Blackflag Firestorm.    It's named "Chasing Daisy", and consists of a leggy brunette (now doubt as to the caricature's inspiration)  losing the hold on a bouqet of flowers.

Weapons:  Billy carries a Great War trophy, brought back by his father.  A German 9MM Luger, he carries it everywhere he goes, and is a deadly shot with it.