Samantha "Brute" Anderson.
HF wing Hammer. Wing position: Lead 3

Biography: "Brute" is a massive blonde woman, 6' tall.  Although not supermodel in looks, she is decent looking.  Although not overweight, she is heavy, although not fat, and nearly two thirds of Big Hughe's weight.    She tends to crop her hair short, and from the rear, has made many mistakenly comment "Hey there guy.", often leading to a fight that many men lose.

History: Samantha hails from the Maritime Provinces.   Born and raised there, she left only after becoming fed up with the increasingly restrictive Militarist government.   Moving first to the Atlantic Coalition, she soon left, and slowly worked her way westward.    It is somewhere between New York and Colorado that she learned to fly.

Her first band was a small time outfit basing into the Collective.  After their destruction she hired on with the Raiders, who provided her with her signature Vampire.
Aircraft: Brute flies a un-modified Sanderson Vampire.   it's named the "Who ME?" with a tall blonde sporting uhmm...interesting wear and decked out with two bandoliers of ammo, dual holstered revolvers and wielding a Thompson.

Weapons: Samantha is a large woman, and as such carries large guns. She carries a pair of Colt New Service revolvers, chambered to .45 ACP in a paired shoulder holster.    Powerful, and fast-reloadable half-moon clips, she has been using them for 3 years, and is unlikely to change anytime soon.

Danny "Farmboy" Mccoy.
HF wing Hammer. Wing position: Wing 3

Biography: Danny is barely out of his teens and sometimes brash, thin moustache and beard, as is the style with many of the younger up-and-coming pirates .   His thin frame is a stark contrast to his lead.

History: "Farmboy" is from Missouri, in the Confederation of Dixie.   Originally from a farmer family, he soon left and joined with a Missouri Air Militia.      He has refused to discuss what  made him desert the Militia, but it is suspected that whatever it was, was not a trivial matter.

Aircraft:  Danny flies a Kestral, "requesitioned" off of a Dixie airfield.  When he took it, it was going through a refit, and was un-armed.   As such, when he joined the Raiders, they armed it.  They did not have the  armament according to factory specs, so they installed four .40 calibers in the wings, and 3, .50 calibers in place of the .60's.   They reinforced the Kestral's wings, adding a pair of hardpoints, and added a 150 pounds of armor.

Weapons: A profound firearms nut (nearly rivalling the Raider's Leader), he rarely carries the same weapon twice.  When it comes right down to business however, he carries a Colt 1911 .45 ACP.