Don "Bomber" Epson.
HF wing Hammer. Wing position: Lead 2.

Biography: An avereage pilot in looks and build, Don is nonetheless notably French Canadian, being one of only two pilots in the Raider's capable of speaking French.

History: Epson is a former flier of Quebec.   When it broke apart from Canada and went under French control he left the country and into Ontario.   He later left Ontario for the ISA.  Spending several years running booze into the Empire State, he took off for Colorado after the Empire State offered a reward of $3,000 for his capture, dead or alive.     The reward stemmed from his stealing of his current P2 Warhawk from an Empire State airfield, then shooting down the two Avengers sent to take him down.  

He teamed up with the Raiders soon after reaching Colorado, and has proven a competant pilot.  

Aircraft: Epson flies a heavily modified P2 Warhawk.   He added a rear turrent containing a pair of .50 calibers.  To do this he had to remove the wing-mounted .60's and replace them with 2, .30 and 2, .50 calibers and reduce the total wing loadout.  (His aircraft now is 2S, 1A ,2G, 2X.60, 2X.30, 2X.50 forward and 2X.50 rear guns)

Weapons:   Although not a massive firearms afficiando, Epson nonetheless is quite knowladgable, and deadly with a gun.  He usually carries a Browning Hi-power 9MM, appreciating it's high rate of fire, and large magazine capacity.

Johnny "Jonboy" Jackson.
HF wing Hammer. Wing position: Wing 2

Biography:  Somewhat scrawny, and just barely into his twenties, Jackson was the youngest pilot to join the Hughes Air Guard.  

History:  "Jonboy" Jackson is a former Hughes Air Guard pilot.   A long-time Californian, he was quick to join up with the Hughes Aviation, where he started as a mechanic.     Normally one would never progress beyond that without special skill, however he earned the chance during a radi on the aircraft plant by Mexican bandits.

He was just finishing work on a Firebrand as the raid started.   In the immediate scrambling of aircraft, the barely-completed Firebrand was just loaded with ammo and took off, Jackson stepped in the back as a impromptu gunner.     His performance prompted the higher ups to offer him piloting courses.

All went well for several months, however just as he graduated from their flight school and was assigned a Firebrand, he was effectively grounded for getting into an argument with his flight leader.

While he still had access to the airfield, he stole the Firebrand and skipped out.   By the time the confusion (Caused by igniting a weeks worth of aviation fuel) he was long gone and into Colorado where he joined up with the Raiders.  

Aircraft:   "Jonboy" Jackson possess's one of the few Hughes Firebrands in service outside of Hollywood.  When he stole the big fighter off of the Hughes airfield, it was a reconnaissance variant, having no .50 calibers installed.  When he joined up with the Raiders, he took out the cameras.  However instead of replacing them with the default .50's, he replaced them with a pair of Barret .40's, and mounted two, beltfed Brownings in the rear turrent ring.  Although not as accurate as a powered turrent, the twin .30's can give a nasty bite to an un-suspecting pilot.(The rear-mounted .30's are swivel-mounted. Thus they use a -3 to the DE instead of -1).

Weapons: A former Hughes Air Guard, he carries the same weapon he was issued when he deserted, a Smith and Wesson .38 revolver.  Since then he has taken to carrying a second as well.