"Big" Hugh Holtz.
Heavy-Fighter wing Hammer. Wing position: Wing leader.

Biography: A massive Swede, he is nearly as wide as he is tall, however it is no flab, merely a big man. Nonetheless he needs the cockpit space his Kestral provides.

History:  Big Hugh comes from Swedish parents.  They emmigrated to the US just after the turn of the century, and settled in Montana.     Little Hugh had just become Big Hugh when the States broke up.    He at first stayed on his parent's ranch, however joined up with the Raider's when he found it was their neighbor (Olson) who was forming the band.  

Although only an average pilot, he is a decent gunner, and is a well-liked member of the Raiders.

Aircraft: He flies a modified Mcdonnel S2B Kestral.  All he has done is replace the .40 caliber machine guns with .30 equivalents, using the extra 210 LB to strengthen his armor.

Weapons: Hugh Gerry carries a modified "Mares leg" Winchester '92 lever action sawed off rifle.  It has a 14" barrel, and the buttstock hacked off.   Not extremely practical, he nonetheless considers it his pride and joy.   Often "Big Hugh" gets netted into being the unit's heavy backup when on extended missions.    More than once he has carried a Browning 1919A6 into combat, or several times even a Browning .40 caliber.

"Quite" Clark Heller.
HF wing Hammer. Wing position: Wing 1

Biography: Somewhat small, "Quite" is usually hanging around the hanger deck and tinkering on aircraft rather than out on the town partying.

History: Heller is a former mechanic from the Disputed Territories.  He only became a pilot after aguy landed, and without a word handed Clark his .455 Webley and walked off the airstrip, straight into the wilderness surrounding the desolate Idaho airfield.     The airfield on which Clark came from is a popular rest stop for the Raiders, which maintain a small cache of camoflaged supplies under close watch of the airfields attendant.

Aircraft:  Heller flies a modified P2 Warhawk.  At the expense of maneuverability, he replaced the engines with custom-made ones out of Free Colorado (Although most Pratt&Whitney parts will fit) that provided 30% more horsepower, in addition to being able to redline easier.  He also replaced a pair of .60's with .50's, giving it marginally longer punch and upgraded the armor.  (His P2 now has a speed of 3, accel of 2, and G load of 2.  440 points of armor and 2X.60,2X.50 loadout +A superior engine(-1)).

Weapons: Not a firearms afficiando, he nonetheless carries a weapon (Anyone foolish enough to not to, dies quite quickly).    A Webley .455, he carries it, but rarely uses it.