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Since 1933, the Republican military has gone from rag-tag units of a dozen planes, to the largest majority of it's combatants being fully organized, and working in unison, realizing it as their best chance of victory over the Commonwealth.

The military units of the Republic come in two forms.

The first, is official Republican military units, formed, outfitted, and manned by Republican army.  The Republican Army is considered among the best new armies in the world.    For being only 3 years old, the military is fast becoming battle-hardened, and a stiff opponent in battle.  The most elite armor units in Australia are regular army, and many of the better air units are as well.    Their level of training is due in part to the massive influx of volunteers following their declaration of independance.   

Three large groups of military veterans, both of North American conflict and the Great War, arrived from the ISA, Pacifica, Texas, the Empire State and Hollywood. All intent on aiding the Republic in it's bid for independance, many seeing parallels between it's fight and the American Revolution.   

Those veterans were first used to stop the initial Commonwealth counter-attacks, and then to train the green Republican troops (Although Free-formed units were allowed to be trained as well, Republic Army units came first, explaining their better degree of full training).

The Republican Army is responsible for the protection of the West's main cities, and industrial sectors, along with official marine patrol and naval defence, as well as the "Spearhead" of offensives.  Leaving many of the line-holding duties to mercenaries, or the second portion of Republican units, free-formers.

Free-formed units, are created by non-government officials, consist of men swearing two oaths, one to the new nation of The Republic of Western Australia, the other to the unit commander.  These units are made up locally, often recruited out of a single town, armed with town funds, and supplies, and replacement weaponry often bought with pooled funds.

These units are reliable, but many are in-experianced until battle, leading to high losses.   Many are crack shots, being from decidedly rural areas, and are hardened to labor from their workloads, and follow orders well.   But those are simply not enough on many battlefield conditions, where confusion often reigns supreme, and even minute hesitation or confusion can lead to the deaths of an entire platoon.

The Free-formed units (the 16th Republican Combined Arms Brigade is a prime example), are considered formal military units under Republican law.   Although deemed formal military, official Republican Army units still recieve supplies first, which leads to free-formers getting the leftovers, and the items scraped from barrel bottoms.  

The one thing which they recieve almost always is cash.  The Republican government is new and it's logistics departments dis-organized.  Recognizing that official channels could take weeks, some units recieve "Pay salaries" which recieve cold hard cash instead of parts, which is the used to purchse the needed supplies from one of the many arms dealers in Australia.

Although Free-formed units are not among the elite status regular army enjoys, many units are still full of hardened veterans, as capable as any worldwide military unit.  Many do have large numbers of in-experianced members, but traveling cadres of foreign trainers rove the Australian deserts, spending a month at each unit before moving to the next. 

At the very bottom are local militias, formed by local communities to keep control over captured territories.  For nearly two hundred miles around Perth, you will find no military air units except militia, all regular army, or Free-formed battalions at front lines.  

They primarily consist of township aircraft, and manned by men either too old to serve in front-line duty, or if the majority of the males of the township leave for military service, the remainder join local milita, to keep peace, yet remain on the farms and ranches to continue the vital production of export products. Their aircraft generally are quite old, in one town 45 miles from Perth, there is 3 Sopwith Camels in service.

Republican military hardware is somewhat varied, in the beginning consisting primarily of former Commonwealth equipment (Basically British weapons), in the years since, large numbers of North American aircraft, weapons, and supplies have reached the continent.

British Lee-Enfield rifles, Bren machine guns and Webley revolvers, are serving alongside brand new Empire State, Johnson automatic rifles, Dixie M1 Garands, Browning 1919 machine guns, and handguns of every type imaginable 

The officials are attempting to keep supplies somewhat organized, but with the massive need for military hardware, of enough quantities, that there can be no official source.   So there is imports from most North American nations and the USSR is fast becoming a source of weapons. The USSR is trying to make a name in "Export arms", and is well known for it's cheap tanks, rifles, and aircraft. 

Among the most sought after though is the newest German equipment.   After two zeppelin loads of brand new German military equipment appeared in Australia, consisting of Panzer III tanks, Panzerwerfer Rocket batteries, and the new 8.8CM DP guns, along with the new MP38 machine pistols, MG34 machine guns (With an amazing 950RPM firing rate), has awed the Australians, with market prices for new ones reaching astronomical figures.

Although slow to arrive, there have been incedents of German hardware reaching Australian shores, many through disreputable dealers. (Editors note: Kahn Enterprises being one.  Although officially denying it, the last zeppelin bearing his company's logo, landed in Perth with half a load of German equipment.....mere days after a small German freightor disappeared in the Meditteranian.)

               RWA Military Units.

RWA, Western Republican Armed Forces.(WRAF).

Volunteer Units.

16th Republican Combined Arms Brigade.   A volunteer unit combining both ground and air support.  It currently has roughly 3300 ground troops, including the 250 man Transvaal Volunteers, 350 man Irish Independance Commando and the 400 man Indian Revolutionary Battalion.  It also has roughly 30 tanks at it's disposal, and the air arm consists of roughly 65 aircraft.