Professor Schadel.....Or in English, Professor Skull..

Professor Schadel first appeared to the world in 1935, immediately after Stalin's re-assertion of power in the USSR.     His initial "Appearance" was after his "Super bomber" and squadron destroyed a Red Army military base that was based outside of Federal Georgia.  

His history is unknown, his name suggests German, although he is not known to be sympathetic to either the Kaiser or Hitler.  His "Stomping grounds" range from northern Europe, to Eastern Asia, to the tip of Africa to the Eastern Seaboard of North America, although he has not been in the Americas except rarely.    A few people have reported seeing him, although none know if they were really him.  All reports pointed to a tall, thin, red hair and bearded man.     Some rumor him to be a Professor Schroedinger, a weapons developer that worked with Doctor Fassenbinder early in the Great War, and developed a breakthrough "Pulse communications transmitter", which was not developed, as the war ended and the research lost.

No one really knows his agenda, goals, or true military power.    His planes have been seen doing many jobs, everything, from protectig civilian liners from attacking pirate craft, to attacking military bases, to escorting un-identified zeppelins, and even piracy of their own.   A queer mix from a relatively powerful band.

The unit strikes from seemingly nowhere.  Numerous attempts to tail his forces, or find his base of operations with convential searches has led to nothing.     Only gutted wreckage of aircraft attempting to do so.

What little is known, it is suspected that his base is somewhere in a triangle extending from Turkey, east to the Himalayas and northward into middle Russia.  This being drawn from the density of sightings of his forces.     Bolshevik Russia and Britain have put considerable rewards upon his head due to his often inconveniant appearances, with Britain offering nearly 4,000 pounds (Roughly $20,000 Empire State Gold), and the Russians an equivalent amount.

His forces (With no official unit designations, individual planes simply marked as Skulls, and the Squadrons as Skull One, Skull Two,etc.) generally fly a mix of aircraft, with a number of more modern designs in service, such as a pair of Hughes Firebrands, a Mcdonnel Kestral to name a couple.    The aircraft seem to be fitted with nitro boosters, allowing them slight speed advantages, and a number seem to be fitted with rapid-fire cannons.

Likewise, his units seem to be formed with unknown pilots, as no known squaron has flown his colors.   This suggests recruitment of amateur pilots and then reinforced with a training program, a plan which requires much space and time.   

The Professor himself is often airborne in his "Super bomber" as it has been coined.   Easily triple (or larger) the size of any comparable bomber, it ios rumored to have a dozen engines, several of them doubles (two engines hooked together, powering a shaft with both a tractor and pusher propeller).   Able to stay airborne for extended periods, only brief glimpses have been seen by the worlds air forces.     One report mentioned bristling emplacements of a dozen machine guns, while another reported 10 five hundred pound bombs on external racks.       The large fuselage is supposed to carry his "lair" as some pulp writers have coined it, with his workshop and sleeping quarters.

A powerful machine, it IS known to carry four parasite fighters, I-18 Polikarpovs.   This, combined with the seemingly always present escort fighters and a (Note: likely) high ceiling, makes it a very tough target to attack.    

As his escapades continue, many wonder what his plans or ambitions are.   As he has no formal pattern of behaviour, and he has shown no direct hostility to any nation in particular.     Some say he is gathering resoures, and is attempting to manipulate world affairs, while others speculate that he is nothing but a asylum escapee.  

Notable Units:

Skull One.   First Deaths.

Skull one is Schadel's personal squadron, and is always assigned the most important tasks.  It consits of 12 of among the best aviators the world has to offer.     The preferred tactics are for the 10 fighters to engage the enemy and keep them tied up, allowing the unit's two heavy fighters (Mckinley Phalanxes) give fire support and hinder the opponents movement.  

 Being exemplary pilots, the unit believes that it is never reasonable to use flash or sonic rockets, as their own gunnery and piloting skills outweigh the need, seeing them as amateurs weapons.

Unit Rules:  All pilots are created 650 and 550 points for wing and lead pilots.  Natural Touch must be at least 5, and Deadeye must be at least 6.     The unit cannot carry flash, or sonic rockets.

Notable Pilots:

None known.   A list of deceased pilots, pulled from wreckage have ranged form unknowns, to several Great War and Russian Civil War pilots.