As we all know, Crimson Skies is set in an alternate 1937 America. The US is no more, and in it's place is a bunch of new nations.

Well, here is my interpretation of the world.  This is of course as-decided in 2008, before any possible re-released/ or new released materials (Face it, when is THAT gonna happen?).    I go as much canon as possible, but in some cases I am taking vast liberty in unexplained areas, such as Eastern Europe, Scandanavia, the Pacific,etc.

Although unlikely, it would be awesome if some were included in any new CrimsonSkies sourcebooks.

In my Crimsonskies, there are only a few notable things differant than a "Standard" CS sourcebook.

#1. Although air power is still the most powerful force, ground and marine forces still carry their own weight.   Mainly because many materials such as raw ore, wood, coal,etc,etc, would be too heavy and too cheap of a material to pay a zeppelin to carry. In addition, it takes less of a skilled crew to run a tramp ship, than a tramp zeppelin.

#2. I am interpreting (As of 1938), that for a short period, Adolf Hitler and Kaiser Wilhelm managed to put aside their differances for "The good of Germany", in the fact that they are not seperately working on winning over "Private allies", loyal only to either the Imperial or Nazi forces.  In addition, through concessions and bartering, Hitler dropped his most radical programs (In order to preserve the relative "cleanliness" of the CS universe), in exchange for increased Nationalist power of the government, and some of Hitlers personal pet projects (Such as the Bismarck Super-zeppelin).

#3. Joseph Stalin managed to completely re-unite the majority of the USSR in early 1935. By 1938, the USSR has it's military just beginning to re-organize, it's industries gearing up, and a stable interior (It's actual enemies (such as the Soviet Far East Republic and the Federal Republic of Georgia), are only bordering it, with most of the pockets of resistance crushed. Leaving only roving pirate bands and occasional clusters of White or opposing Red forces).

#4.  Spain took advantage of the chaos of the US breaking up to re-occupy Cuba in order to take it's citizens minds off of internal problems.   As the Spanish Civil War erupted in early 1936, Republicans held their ground in spain against Nationalists, while the Republican forces in Cuba, are mainly fending off Nationalist and Vulture Legion (German Volunteers) forces that are operating from the Yucatan peninsula.

That's about it.....everything else primarily coincides with Canon, most of it not actually being covered.
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