The Marivellas

The Marivellas island chain extends south from the Caroline Islands and runs parallel to the Solomons, nearly to the Ellice Islands. It consists of several dozen larger islands and a number of smaller ones.

The Marivellas were first discovered in the 1500's by Spanish explorers, although nothing was done to them until the late 1800's when foreign traders arrived and began sub-dividing the islands. The northern portion was occupied by the Germans, while the southern part was dominated mainly by the French, an exception to both being Suzette Island, which was occupied by a American.

When the Great War came, Japan took over the German portion of the islands. A claim which was given to Japan after the war.

Since the mid 20's the Marivellas has become a thriving chain of islands. Mineral deposits are being discovered, small amounts, not worthy of large-scale mining but adequate for natives to mine and then sell to larger industries.

Fishing, sugar and other crops are also important industries. All relatively small scale operations, but combined, make a large economy. All of these establishments require resupply, leading to more shipping business, both land and air.

The islands are also a good midway point between the other island chains, and about the only large French interest in that portion of the Pacific, a midway point between French Polynesia and Indochina.

Since the early 30's hoever, there has also been a growing number of military aircraft, both Japanese, French, Mercenaries and Private Security companies.

The Japanese are wanting to expand southward from their mandate, with combat patrols running along the edge of their mandate, and more and more businesses being set up by Japanese south of their border.    The French are equally certain they do not want them to expand, and have stationed a total of 2 zeppelins and 6 squadrons of aircraft on the islands.

Britain has a number of combat zeppelins in the Solomons, which often make combat patrols into the Marivellas, "in protection of British assests", which neither France nor Japan like, but are not willing to press the matter.

 In addition landowners and shipping companies hire mercenaries and private security to protect their assets from this strange triangle, adding a third element to this.  Not to mention the rampant piracy, the Marivellas being lightly patrolled against pirates, and with dozens of islands suitable for temporary bases.


French Holdings.

Tagataya. French regional administraional headquarters, this island is about the only heavily defended island in the French mandate, most other islands conataining little more than a handful of Legionares and half a squadron of outdated aircraft.

Japanese Holdings. The Japanese mandate is controlled by a black sheep member of the Imperial Royal Family, Princess Koji.      Although much of the Imperial Military does not answer directly to her, the largest majority of actions taken in the Marivellas is through her, exceptions being Imperial Pride bases, which answer only to the Imperial High Command. Princess Koji is also a large shipping magnate, not only in the Japanese Mandate, but elsewhere around the Pacific.

Matuka. The most important island in the Japanese Mandate, it is the "Capitol" of Princess Koji's shipping empire. It is fortified against, air, ground and sea attack. With a small private army defending it. It also serves as the Mandate's "Capitol" which goes to show Koji's influence in the islands.

Tori Hado. A Japanese island directly bordering the French Mandate. The Imperial Air Force has built an airstrip on the island, capable of handling several squadrons or aircraft, along with limited zeppelin supply capabilities. It is a Imperial Pride base and does not answer to Koji.

Other Islands

Suzette Island. A neutral island, currently the home base of Khan Industries, a private company that has enough aircraft and shipping capability to rival a small nation. In addition there is a large number of personal pilots on the island. It is considered a place of no interest's. Also home to Bon Chance Louie's "Monkey Bar".

Achilles Island. Although Achilles Island does not belong in the Marivellas chain,  nonetheless is relatively close, being a lone island smack dab between that chain and the Gilbert Islands. AND the fact that it is one of the largest threats to the Marivellas itself.

It is a pirate haven, a quite large one, nearly rivalling North America's Sky Haven. Literally dozens of pirate bands operate from there or at least rearm there. Currently home to Don Karnage, the powers-that-be have ignored the island, only due to the massive difficulty of taking it by force.