Flight 234 leaves for Hollywood in 35 minutes, zeppelin Alabama Queen is setting off for Dixie, leaving in 2 hours.    You can catch an autogyro to the main Aerodrome in the city, or you can buy a tank of gas and set off in your own plane? What'll it be?
   A map for the world.

Crimson Skies websites:
 Fox Force Five.  A German fansite CURRENTLY ACTIVE.  Keep watching for updates!  A large number of counters and extra rules. Check it out.  5/5 Rockets.

CrimsonSkiesUniverse.com  My own mirror of the CSUniverse website.  

Plane Counters   Not an actual website, but he has made plane counters for the box game's default aircraft. He ALSO has made a BALMORAL bomber marker.   Nothing else though.  But the quality of the markers: 5/5 Rockets.

HobNail Sneakers Crimson Skies site.    A Crimson Skies website. Some cool new planes, and redos of the old ones for a revised CS system using dice.

Yahzuks Hanger   A PBEM site. The guy also has zeppelin rules, improved zeppelin boarding combat rules, and a good Campaign booklet!  5/5 Rockets.  Not currently running a campaign

Players Guide to Crimson Skies  A old site, not updated. But a good read through at least once. 3.5/5 Rockets.

Arixo Air Defence Force   Not recently updated, but a big site to begin with!!!! A lot of fan-created planes, new rules and gadgets.  Well worth looking around.  4/5 Rockets.

FireDrake's site   Not updated. BUT. Has a mirror image of the old crimsonskiesuniverse website!!!  Plus check it out for a player RP game version.   4/5 Rockets.

Wings of Honor    A good website with a number of custom designs, alot of new rules and a entertaining stuff.  Well worth checking out.   4.5/5 Rockets.

Smokey Mountain Boys (Archived)   An archived version of the Smokey Mountain Boys website.  Almost 100% archived. Well worth a look over with bands, unit bios, planes,etc.  4/5 Rockets.

Crimson Skies Universe forum (Archived)  A archived cop of the old crimsonskies.com forums.  Not fully complete but alot of good reading.    3/5 Rockets.  (NOTE February 2012.  Web.archive is beginning to come up with errors and re-directing to "next closest date of page".  This has led to a number of forum threads at this link becoming unreadable.  My suggestion is searching web.archive for crimsonskies.com/oldforum and trying to find another nearby date that has the uncorrupted file.)

[SOTC] Crimson Skies.  A good read about alternate Crimson Skies (Irony right?) but interesting material.   3/5 Rockets.

Black Zeroes  By John Patterson.   Site has gone down when Geocities closed.  This is supposed to be the new home, but has not been uploaded yet.  

Other Aircraft Goodness.  Other aviation sites, Stuff you might find interesting,etc. that might be usefull..

Plane Diagrams  Three-way diagrams of almost any aircraft.  

Flying Tigers   The original AVG memorium website (I think?) Leastways, some good articles on the AVG/Flying Tigers, which formed the basis of my EVG.

Victory Girl Noseart   Noseart for y'all's aircraft.

Other Gaming:
www.theminiaturespage.com    A good place for boardgaming in general.  Pulp, Sci-fi, WW2,etc. Anything can be found there.

Major General Tremorden Rederring's Colonial Wargames page  That's a mouthfull ain't it?  A Victorian Sci-Fi site (Sorta), but got me really into wanting to get a 28MM game set up.

The Dirty Thirties  A site with info regarding the 30's.  Mainly a quick look, and I think most anyone with interest in the era knows more, but worth a look over.

Tales of the Gold Monkey   An EPIC TV show.  What alot of my South Pacific sourcebook is based on ;)

Talespin   Alot of links for Talespin fansites,etc. there.  Yeah, it's a cartoon, but it's a .30's/pulp cartoon ;) And a near straight-across copy of Tales of the Gold Monkey (Except for everyone being animals).

Smith And Tinker  The website of Smtih and Tinker, company now making Mechwarrior, and creator of Crimson Skies.

Website of Patrick Koepke  Writer of Pride of the Republic AND the Zeppelins and Bombers sourcebooks!!!!Give him a shot of service.