The Koji Empire.
  Koji Empire

Although technically not an actual empire, but a mixture of trading company and territorial government, nonetheless, almost all who deal with her, call it the Koji Empire.

The "Empire" is a multiple-facet organization, with shipping, casino, small-time piracy and smuggling only some of the operations. It's size is that of many small armies.  Small wonder, considering that it is responsable for protecting the Japanese mandate of the French Marivellas, alongside official IJNF forces.

The Empire is a personal company and army of Princess Koji, a distant member of the Imperial family of Japan.   She is also the administrator of the Japanese Marivellas, in control of it's shipping and trade policies (Which are frequently bent to her advantage).   The only actions that take place in the Marivellas without her approval, are those taken by "Imperial Pride" units, ones which answer only to the emporer in Japan.  

As such, she actually wields more power than her own large forces, those of immediate Japanese military units.  However she rarely abuses this power, in fact often sending her won aircraft on patrols normally taken by naval fighters, in order to conserve fuel and time.

The Empire's operations are not restricted to the Japanese Mandate however, freighters travel worldwide, and a number of establishments (Casinos, brothels, airstrips) from Malaysia to Peru are known to be under the symbol of Koji power.

Although most of the time Koji's Empire works legitimately, there have been known instances of piracy, smuggling, and similar illegal activities.  However they are rare, and when done, they are well-planned to reduce friction with other interests.

"The" Empire was first begun by Koji's mother, and three nearly rusted out cargo ships.   It was immediately after her being expelled from the immediate Royal Family.  During this initial period, she became acquainted with a Irish sea captain, in command of a small fleet of ships.  

Soon afterwards Koji was born, and her father's ship disappeared, never to be seen again.  Although his Irish relatives managed to take the majority, her mother quickly secured a portion of his fleet.

In the following years, the Empire expanded, more ships were purchased and then the Great War began.  After the Japanese occupied the Marivellas, the Royal Family in Japan turned control over to the former outcast Princess, due to her established connections in the islands.

After the Great War ended, the expansion continued, with Koji gaining control in 1927.   She soon saw opportunities, and began establishing permanent businesses around the Pacific, while at the same time purchasing some of the first zeppelins and feasable cargo aircraft sold.

Since then, Koji has managed to regain some of the favor in the Japanese Royal Family, and at the same time began cultivating ties with Europe and North America. 

Now, in 1937, this has paid large dividends, with a large air and marine shipping capability, and lucrative contracts with both Japan and European nations.

Princess Koji is a contrast in ways.  Half Irish and half Japanese, she truly knows the meaning of the word chameleon, using alternatively either of her bloodlines or if neither of those work, her beauty to attain what she wants.  If in the end, all of those fail she uses her large military to do so.

Her second, executor of her wishes, is a samurai named Todo.   One of the last of those who hold steadfast to the old way of warrior, he is skilled in the use of steel.    Although reluctant to change to "Dishonorable combat" he does carry firearms however, and is quite proficiant with them.     He rarely leaves his Princess's side, and has a deep loyalty to her.


The entirety of Koji's forces is unknown.  Although she is known to have at least one combat zeppelin, a marine destroyer, a small fleet of patrol and torpedoe boats, and at least 15 squadrons of aircraft.  Among the aircraft, is nine of the brand new Shinden (Magnificent Lightning) fighters, proving her now-close ties with Japan.

Among her more "Unique" items is a cargo submarine. Rare anywhere else, it is mostly used to transport questionable items, or a out-of-sight transport.   However it is quite capable of a combat role, although moderately clumsy.   It has 8 torpedoe tubes (6 forward, 2 aft), and a deck-mounted 8.8CM gun.

She also employs an oddity dating back to the old tradition of Samurai, employing nearly 200 elite soldiers.  They are highly trained in the art of physical and ranged combat, their arms ranging from throwing knives, katanas and spears, to pistols and submachineguns.

Divine Wind Squadron.(Kamikaze)

The Divine Wind squadron is Koji's personal unit, providing both aircraft and bodyguard service.   Only the most loyal and proven of her warriors get chosen for this unit.  They never number more than 15 aircraft and 50 pilots/warriors.  The current squadron is led by a Nakura Kajima, a very skilled pilot with a number of kills on his aircraft.    They are also armed with the newest up-to-date fighters, the new Shindens, and even a pair of British Phantasms.

Special Unit Rule:
The Squadron lead/wing/wing trio's are given an extra 150 points to be spent among them.   In addition, any pushing the G's roll is given a -1 modifier, due to their experiance in fighting with agility.

Notable Pilots..

Nakura Kajima.
History: Nakura is on of Koji's youngest warriors, only 20 years old and already commanding the Divine Wind. Nonetheless he is a deadly warrior, on the ground and in the air.    He is especially skilled at pushing his aircraft to it's limits, all in a desire to further work his way up Koji's ranks.    Although unproven, it is thought he is striving to be proven a capable replacement, should anything happen to Todo.

Aircraft: He flies a un-modified Shinden, a effective match, having given him three kills in it already.  His prior kills were made with a A5 Mitsubishi.

Weapons: Although skilled with a sword, Nakura has embraced firearms as modern samurai weapons.  He has gone to carrying a pair of Nambu 8mm's in addition to his sword. 

Princess Koji.
History: Koji is just a basic pilot, unskilled in combat and has no favorite aircraft.

Weapons: Because of her massive bodyguard contingent, she has little need for a personal firearm.  However as a last resort, and for personal pleasure, carries a small export-model Nambu, chambered to 8MM nambu.

Stats:4-6-2-2-6(4)-2 (Todo has a special rule. Although for cockpit purposes he is only 4. his stats count as a 6 on constitution)

History: A average pilot in a aircraft, he is nonetheless capable, having a quick reaction time and an ability to withstand amazingly close sonic blasts and flash rockets.

Weapons:  Todo only grudgingly carries his 8MM nambu.  For almost all work he still uses his samurai sword, with which he has dispatched a number of....questionables.