Khan Industries
                               Khan Industries

Kahn Industries first appeared in 1934, although it was likely around far longer than that, but in differant guises.    Many suspicion that he still owns dozens if not hundreds of companies, in various shell accounts.

  In 1934, Akela Khan arrived on Suzzette Island with a combat zeppelin, 2 squadrons of fighters and a small nations worth of cash.   In the relatively short span of time between then and the end of 1937, he has grown at a stunning rate.   It is due to this that many people believe he likely already had his fingers in shipping companies long before his official unveiling.

In addition a number of people have been said to have reliable information, on a number of shell companies,  being run under differant corporations and names, but the profits, and actual control being in the hands of Kahn.(Rumors claim that in actuality, dozens of shipping companies around the world are under his thumb, if not in control, through debt, or blackmail, or threat of destruction).

  His current operations that he acknowladges vary greatly, mainly concentrating on the area bordering the Pacific Rim.   He runs large numbers of small scale mining operations on the small Pacific islands, along with pearling operations, fishing, salvage, and standard transport between nations.    In addition to airstrips, casinos and bars across the Pacific, into the Indian Ocean.

      Khan also runs a number of less legitimate operations.   All are still run openly, under his symbol of operation, all clean, precise and carefully worked to reduce chances of major troubles......and to cut off that branch of operation and leave no traces of official proof behind if that branch should become "Infected".

  The operations?  One of Khan's most profitable ventures is his arms dealing.   He is a major figure in both the Australian conflict and the Chinese theator, along with any "group" willing to deal in bulk in between.     Being as well vested as he is, he can aquire newly designed planes, weeks after their introduction, and have them in new buyers hands within days.

 In some instances for example,  new North American F5's purchased from the company, and 3 weeks later, being seen in the skies over Western Australia.   That is one of many examples, others including brand new 8.8CM flak guns, Russian BT tanks, to name only a few.

  Another of his operations is his long line of, off and on legitimacy, depending on it's location. Gambling and "Female entertainment", he has 4 zeppelins and a dedicated guard of 6 aircraft squadrons to it.  Most operate off the western coast of North America, although they do make cruises along the South American coast, and as far west as India and Madagascar.  

Some nations could care less, while others, such as British-controlled India, watch with eagle eyes, waiting for one of the zeppelins to cross into their own waters and force them down.   Of course these zeppelins, with their large bars and casinos (and resulting large stores of cash), make tempting targets for pirates, which is why Khan assigns his best fighter squadrons to their defence.

     However it is his last operation that has drawn the most criticism and international rage.......his use of his organized squadrons for "Legitamate aerial piracy", if there is such a thing.

      Khan has made a small fortune off of this, halting cargo zeppelins, stripping them of their cargo's and even essentials (Food supplies, fuel, spare parts), leaving only enough for it to limp into the nearest port.    However all zeppelins are released, mainly because although nations will not risk conflict over a zeppelins cargo, they may not take kindly to one of it's citizens losing a prime zeppelin.     

The major nations have let it slide for the past several years, mainly because they do not want to drain resources into a fight that is avoided, by quietly reimbursing the owners a portion of their lost cargo.  

   The nearest it has come to conflict was when Khan's personal flagship, the Executioner, stopped a British cargo zeppelin and looted it, among the cargo were 16 "Undisclosed", un-assembled DH9 Hornets, bound for the Commonwealth of Australia.     Britain demanded the fighters be returned to "Their owner", and be allowed to be taken to their destination.

    Khan refused, and the Crown dispatched 3 combat zeppelins from their stations in India, to bolster the 3 zeppelins already in combat patrol in the area.    The matter blew itself out within a week, the extra zeppelins returning to their patrol areas, neither side releasing an official statement.    

A inside source claims that Khan threatened to both withdraw the service of his "Covert" shipping companies, which provide a large percentage of Crown shipping, and to unleash his entire military force on the British shipping and naval lanes, going down in a fight rather than back off.     Although likely only half of the truth, that is a distinct possibility due to the size of Khan's military.

     In the 3 (Almost 4) years Khan has been based in the South Pacific, on Suzzette Island, his military has grown over 4 times it's size.  As much as some entire regions in North America. He has three large combat zeppelins, another half dozen smaller converted cargo zeppelins, or armed merchantmen.   His maritime forces consist of several dozen torpedoe boats, and three or 4 frigates to escort his numerous water-borne vessels.    His fighter supply is massive, a full 24 squadrons of aircraft, ranging from fighter escorts, to long range bombers, to air-sea rescue.

That may sound like alot, but is pitifully inadequate to defend fully his empire, consisting of at least two dozen cargo zeppelins, twice that of maritime vessels, and over 80 cargo aircraft, operating out of dozens of airbases across the Pacific and the bordering nations.

How does he manage?    His position as a "Legitimate Pirate", along with his vast wealth, has granted him access to Achilles Island, the center of pirate activity.   With that access, Khan has bought off the largest pirate bands that could cause in trouble(Many rumors abound of him providing intellegance on shipping dates and times of other shipping companies), leaving the smaller pirate bands to their own doings, most afraid of attacking even a small ship of his massive empire.

Khan remembers, and if he does not repay a "Visit" soon, he will someday, it may be a week,it may be a year....but he will.

Unit Rules.

Squadron leaders are created with 800 points, flight leaders with 600, and individual wing-lead pairs the normal 450-350.     Pilots in Khan's air force do not have "Handles" like elsewhere, Khan's para-military training, enforces rigid discipline on-duty.
 (Off-duty is another matter).

Khan squadrons are organized into 12 plane squadrons, each consisting of 2, six plane flights.

Khan Industries may use any plane they wish, not in the highly experimental or brand newly issued.   (J4 Crusaders, and Bloodhawk MKII's would be out, but even British Phantasms would be available).

ALL combat engagements involving Khan Pilots, a Die roll must be made. On results of 7 or higher, reinforcements from Khan will arrive, Another Die rollX2 will tell when they arrive (Result of 2, means reinforcements arrive in 4 turns).  This is due to Khan's heavy influence in the Islands, his constant patrols, and his playing it safe by assigning multiple escort units.

Notable Units.

    Black Panthers      The Black Panthers.

The Black Panther Unit is Khan's personal unit.   It is a army within an army, the pure elite of Khan's personal air force.   It consists of 6 squadrons of the finest combat pilots the Pacific (And much of the world) has to offer.   Two squadrons are assigned to his personal flagship, the Executioner, a 1800 foot long battle zeppelin, custom built by an ISA zeppelin yard.

The other four squadrons are home-based on Suzzette Island, Khan's headquarters. However they are assigned to other sections as Khan declares.  This unit is the one that deals on the "Edge" of honesty and downright bloodthirstiness.  Not only are they loyal to Khan through long periods of service. Khan pays this particular unit almost three times that of his other pilots.

Special Unit Rule:  A Black Panther squadron is designed this way: 1 Squadron leader of 800 Points, 1 Flight Leader with 600 points. The remaining ten pilots must divide up 5,000 experiance points ,any way the designer wishes.  This gives each pilot
an average of 500 points, Being Khan's premier Squadrons.  If running a campaign with this unit, their pay is 3 times that of comparable units.

Notable Pilots.

Akela Khan.

History: Founder of Khan Industries, his background is a complete mystery except to a select few whom he has divulged.   And they are very rare.   Although a businessman foremost, he is a skilled pilot, ranking among the best.   When he does pilot however, it cannot be in an aircraft with a small cockpit, his massive six foot seven frame filling every inch of the cockpit.

Aircraft:  Khan pilots a North American Aviation F7, modified by removing the co-pilot's seat, instead relying solely upon himself.

Weapons: Khan rarely needs a firearm, relying on his massive bodyguard section.  However he does carry one of the new Smith and Wesson .357 magnums, customized by bobbing the hammer(Allowing it less chance to catch on clothing) and a 4" barrel.

Usually however he relies on a bodyguard contingent.  Khan does not rely on the suit-wearing torpedoes that many executives do, preffering his own purely military bodyguards.    They serve their purpose well, exerting far more intimidation than the $10 suit goons used by most.   They make no attempet to conceal their purpose.  Even in executive meetings, or travelling in cities, they wear the gunmetal gray uniforms standard to Khan Industries, often even carrying their shortened Thompson machine guns (Buttstock removed and barrel bobbed to 8") in public.

Colonel David Bagheera.

History: A native of India, Colonel Bagheera commands the Black Panthers unit, in particular Squadron Royal, Khan's personal squadron.   No one knows when he first joined Khan's military,  but he was promoted to Panther CO early in 1936.  He fights with vicious loyalty to Khan, and is capable of brute force.   He may stop at harming  civilians, but if they stood in the way of his commanders objectives, he would plow through without regard.

Aircraft:  Bagheera flies a heavily modified Focke-Wolf 140 Hellhound.   At the cost of structural integraty, he up-armed it.   He replaced the 4 nose mounted 7.92 Millimeter machine guns, with .40 caliber Brownings.   The 4 wing-mounted 10 millimeter Maxim's were removed, in their place are 2, .40 caliber and 2, .50 caliber Brownings.  Increasing his raw firepower, while retaining the Hellhound's speed, and almost all of it's maneuverability.

Weapons:  Colonel Bagheera carries the standard sidearm of the Industry, a privately made (By Khan Industries) .45 semi-automatic.