IRON FIST INDUSTRIES  

                                                 Iron Fist Industries

Iron Fist Industries (Or in German, Eiserne Fäuste-Industrien ) was formed in early 1934, as Germany was beginning it's re-ascension to power.

It was first formed in February 1934, when Germany was still "Technically" adhering to the restrictions placed on it.    However even as Germany was exceeding the limits (Such as expanding it's army over the 100,000 soldier mark, using the Deutchland class battle zeppelins to "Hedge" over the zeppelin limits, and expanding it's air force to roughly 30% larger than allowed), Iron Fist expanded alongside of it.

It was formed form a core group of German industrialists, all of whom in the beginning were on the verge of collapse, and banded together for a common goal.   A small zeppelin yard, a small iron refining, mining and tranportation group, a person who owned a large quantity of manufacuring capacity for weaponry that lay idle. (Mid-20's designed for the German Wehrmacht.   Modern, yet rejected in favor of fully modern equipment in 1932.)

It formed together with a strong backing by an unknown person, and between them they collaberated.  By June, their union paid of.  With the zeppelin yard winning a contract to produce three, Emden class light cruisers for the German Luftwaffe.   

After that, the company went nowhere but up, winning small German contracts, and encompassing more corporations and industries into it's fold.   

By Late 1935, it had expanded to over two dozen corporations, and was turning out roughly 10% of the entire German military output (It doesn't sound like much, however factoring in ALL accounts of German armament, tanks, rockets, ammunition and zeppelins, it is quite considerable).

In December of 1935, a change swept the corporation.   Using funds from an unknown source, a core group of six industralists bought out the other owners and shareholders.  Several owners who rejected the buyout had "accidents" and one became involved in a public scandel.  The remainder quickly sold out their shares to the six men.    It was no longer known as a business alliance, but collectively as Iron Fist Industries.

The coming of 1936, also shifted a change in the Iron Fist Industries policies.  The main business's centered in Germany were consolidated into a compact lineup of arms industry, solely devoted to the building of military hardware for the European continent.   These consisted of the actual arms production centers, and the iron mines, refinaries and transportation, along with the munitions industries.

Iron Fist quickly re-organized into a para-military organization, to protect it's own assests from a rapidly bloodthirsty world.   A portion of the production went into producing arms for their own miniature army.  

In February of 1936, Iron Fist announced that it had struck a deal with the Peruvian Government.  The Company acquired a somewhat derelict naval base, under the deal it would be renovated, and then returned to the government in 1950.   Also, Iron Fist purchased trading rights to a large portion of Peruvian trade, and in a near-blitz, purchased a large number of silver, gold, and gemstone mines in the mountains.  This gave them a "Foothold" on a continent rich in resources, ripe for picking by a well organized corporation.

Three of the company's battle zeppelins, along with a contingent of ground forces, tanks and several dozen cargo zeppelins and marine ships landed at the naval base.

In a mere 15 months, Iron Fist went from being a locally-known name in Germany, to a power-player in South America.   They are the largest corporation in Peru, and are the largest single trader in South America (No others being that large. Although some come close, and combined are ten times larger than Iron Fist, none are close in singularity).

Their ships and zeppelins base out of South America and Germany.  Hauling Brazilian rubber to Germany, and German ammunition to the various South American governments.  Peruvian silver to Asia and returning with loads of silk, wood and spices.  

Iron Fist's military influence is also noticed, quite uncomfortably by the rest of the world.     That is probably what Iron Fist is best known for.   They have massive numbers of "police" to patrol their facilities and exert influence.    They even have twenty four of the new Panzer IV tanks, and nearly a hundred and fifty of the Panzer II tanks in their Peruvian Base.    

Their most known use of military force however, was supporting the coup that toppled the government of Uraguay.  The rebels that took control are noticably friendly towards Iron Fist (and Germany), toppling a government that had been leaning more and more towards rising relations with Great Britain.      The Iron Fist, gave the military support of forty-five tanks, a 800 man force, and four of it's combat zeppelins (With accompanying air support) in the final rebel push.

Britain and France both have issued formal complaints with the German government, of which have went unheeded.    Indeed, Iron Fist is quite friendly with the German government, although admittedly they seem neutral in that power struggle, endorsing neither the Kaiser or the Nationalists.

Recently Iron Fist has been soldifying it's South American base. Establishing airbases in Venezuala, Uraguay, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.   South America is bursting with raw materials, and that signals deutchmark signs to the corporation.  In fact they even have established refinaries in Peru, along with a weaponry factory.  Thus lessening the travel of the materials, and allowing for quicker shipment of produced (Or refined) products.

The Iron Fist has not attempted expanding out of South America however. Competition there is still high, and to the west, Khan Industries is firmly entrenched in the Pacific, and to the east in Africa, Britain and France, both major opponents of the Fist, are major players, nearly garunteeing slim pickings. 

Unit Rules:
Iron Fist Industries is a pure military unit.   All recruits go through a vigirous training before entering a cockpit.    All new pilots get an additional 30 points when being generated.
Also, the pilots NT must be a 4 (To ensure proper landings and military formation).   However they lose twice the points for losing a company aircraft.

And when generating (This can change after experiance) their CN should be higher than their QD and SS (Due to their training, they can take punishment from Flash and Sonics, but lack the true initiative of seasoned pilots.