Grant "Gunny" Olson.

Biography:  Grant Olson is 35 years old (Born 1902), six foot, three and is generally clean-shaven, with a short haircut.   He drinks, occasionally smokes and does go out on the town after raids, but is very reserved when doing so, only  several instances going overboard and full-out like much of his gang does, instead preferingto remain on the zeppelin. 

    History:    Grant was born to a known, but not wealthy ranching family in Montana in 1902, he remained there for some time, until 1916, when the Great War was raging in Europe.

The US had not entered war by that time, but rumors of American Volunteers going overseas to aid the beleagured Allies reached him and in a youthful fit of foolishness, he left home, and travelled to New York, stowing onto a cargo ship bound for France.

As lucky as he was, he just happened to pick a ship carrying men bound for the Lafayette Escadrille.   At first in trouble for stowing away, he was quickly working out his punishment by doing ship's duties.    And as the Escadrille members debarked in France, he was taken with them, the ship captain not wanting to be responsible of him, and having nowhere else to drop him.

He served in the Escadrille until the first of 1917 as a  camp worker.  It was at this time he helped out one of the mechanics repairing a aircraft engine, and became enamored with them.   He quickly gained knowladge on their workings, and within a few weeks was a mechanic's assistant.

However on his 15th Birthday, one of the Escadrille's rear observers became deathly ill, along with a number of the camp personal from tainted food.   Grant was offered a job manning the rear gun on one of the aircraft, and he jumped at the opportunity.  During that flight, he managed to cripple a German fighter enough for the pilot to finish it off.

Grant remained a gunner until January 1918, until immediatly prior the absorbtion of the Escadrille into the United States Army Air Service.     It was then, that he was allowed, along with a number of other recruits, to be given flying lessons.     As the Escadrille was formally absorbed into the official US air force, he was there as a pilot.    At the time the youngest pilot in the US Air Service, he managed to get two kills before the war ended.

After the war he returned to the USA and the Montana Ranch.  When the Influenza struck, Montana was not as hard hit as the rest of the country, and left them relatively un-touched.   In 1921, he used what extra cash he had to purchase a US surplus Spad and it became his personal plane, most of his free time, and what little extra money had going to it.

As the growing regionalism came, he supported the shift of power to state governments, however opposed  the complete dissolving of the US government.    However as it came, he banded together with other locals into a raggedy militia, patrolling against pirates and now-threatening Lakota.

In 1934 however, after finally saving enough money to aquire his own modern fighter, a Whittlry and Douglas M210 Raven brand new off the asembly line, he left the ranch behind and gathered a few  like-minded pilots  and other Montanans and formed the Montana Raiders.  

Grant, has in those 3 (nearly 4) years, done little else than devote his attention to his band.    The two short time periods he slipped was helping a friend in Arixo, and another during a "complication" with a female air pirate in Brazil.

His callsign stems from his main hobby, when not busy, often he spends hours customizing some of his many firearms. Some of his projects including converting a Colt 1911 to full automatic, and several projects to make rifles to fire the powerful .40 and .50 caliber rounds.

This skill is an asset on the ground.    Although he leaves boarding operations to his men for the most part, there have been a number of barroom fights or running gun battles where his creations have come in handy..

 Whereas Raven, his wingman is likely to go into a project with stealth, his Plan A usually consist of shoot first, shoot later, shoot some more, blow up the pieces and when everythings quit moving examine the aftermatch   He never goes anywhere with a minimum of a Colt .45 automatic, a concealed .38 Colt automatic, and a pair of hand grenades. 

   Skills: 9-4-8-6-5-3.    He gets one free double-down. Firing with no chance of jamming.

               Latin Lightning
   Plane:   M210 Raven Latin Lightning.

Grant flies a heavily modified Whittley and Douglass Raven, with the factory armament ripped out, and replaced by a pair each of Sperry-Browning .40's, .50's, and .60 calibers and adding 150 pounds of armor.

This put increased stress on the wings, lessening it's agility.   However he feels the trade-off is worth it, with the Raven's natural agility making up the differance.

Aircraft Stats: Speed 3, Accel 1, G's 2, +150LB of armor, 2X.60, 2X.50, 2X.40. The aircraft still has the Light stick, and all of it's guns are superior. 

  Weapons:     A firm believer of being prepared on the ground as well as in the air, he never leaves his room without a Colt 1911 .45ACP, which either rides in a shoulder holster or a low-slung thigh holster, both of which remain out of the way.   He rarely carries two (As many pilots do), however carries a magazine supply exceeding many infantry platoons.

As a backup, he carries a Colt 1908 ,380 automatic. Too small for a good primary, but small, flat and easily concealed, making ita perfect backup gun.   As a last resort he carries a sheath knife, and as a ace-in-the-hole, he also usually carries four grenades, 2 explosive, and 2 flash-bangs.  All four s
lab-sided, allowing easy concealment in a pocket.

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