Range? (By Phoenix)

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Range? (By Phoenix)

Postby Grant » Sun Feb 08, 2009 1:27 am

I was just wondering: How exactly does the range figure work? Is it one-way? Meaning: A Devastator has a range of 400 miles. Does it mean that if you take off with a full tank, you'll run out of gas after you've traveled 400 miles? Or is it a round-trip figure? Like you fly 400 miles there, turn around, and then fly back?

Grant Wrote
From everything I can gather, I think that is the range the plane can fly, 200 mile round trip, or just 400 miles there and land to refuel or crash.

Carthaginian Wrote
That is a standard designation. It means you can fly 400 miles in one direction with no combat along the way. Combat EATS up the reserves FAST!

A better way to put is is in Hours of opperation @ __ Rpm @ __ altitude. All (or most anyway) planes have better gas milage at 15,000 feet than at sea level because the air is less dense. But the Horse Power and Max speed vary according to the plane and the altitude.

So, the easy answer is, range means take off and fly till you crash and that's 400 miles, more or less.

Cyagen Wrote
I never used range or asked myself questions about it since it is not relevant in CS, except for flavor.

Grant Wrote
Well that's another thing I been trying to think of a way to possibly deflate fuel.

That is say....a fighter has a range of 400 miles, has a 300 mile combat patrol circuit. Somehow rolling a die to determine what part of that 300 mile circle they engage the enemy, thus somehow maybe evaluating fuel levels.

Thom Wrote
There really should be a game mechanic for range, but I think that the weight of fuel for your range should be part of the construction process.

IE: a plane with a 400 mile range would need fuel weighing half as much as a plane with an 800 mile range.

I think that factoring different engines sizes would needlessly complicate things even though logicaly a small plane can go further on less fuel.

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Re: Range? (By Phoenix)

Postby [GSS]Bandit » Wed Mar 07, 2012 8:34 pm

Got another question concerning range: What is the range of all the aircraft presented in Aircraft Recognition Manual? Aircraft of North America and Behind the Crimson Veil give values for range and service ceiling and the like, but none of these are mentioned in ARM :( Does anyone have an idea where I can find those or how to determine them? Granted: For regular CS it's not really relevant, but for our campaign/RPG it is quite important. Stumbled upon this when I saw a range of 75 miles for several planes in Aeronaut which seems to be the default value...

[Edit] Ah, never mind. Just found the section in BtcV about default ranges depending on # of engines. So, I'll just use those when no other values are available. The other fluff stats are still missing, though: Service ceiling, length, height and wing span :?
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Re: Range? (By Phoenix)

Postby Phoenix » Sat Mar 10, 2012 5:44 pm

Since no range is given, you just use the default range values from Behind the Crimson Veil, modified by Multiple Engines or Superior/Inferior Range as appropriate. Unfortunately, they don't give Service Ceiling or any of the physical data.
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