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For Squadrons designed with the WK system.
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New squads

Postby foxmalcolm » Mon Jan 26, 2009 10:43 am

Petru5 wroteColonOkay, I've got several sets of the squadrons (alas only one of the Swans and the Sky Enforcers packs). So that means I've got the Swans, Red Skulls, Fortune Hunters, Bombers and Knights. I've got the leaders for the Skulls, Hunters, Bombers and Knights and their planes. There isn't a Swan, although she's easily enough made from either a spare Charlie Steele or Maria figure and alter their planes. Thibedeaux of the Ragin' Cajuns and Paladin both need squads.

Of the released figs, what am I missing? I could feasibly take some more of my extras and make Redmann's Gang. The Medusas are another option, although I'll probably need to buy another Aces pack to get another femme fatale fig. What else? I can't really do People's Collective, as the planes aren't right...same with the Navajo Nation (aside from the Coyote from Sky Enforcers).

Carthaginian wroteColonHmmm... ever think of using the Ral Partha metals and making a custom base for them? I'm thinking about doing that for a Dixie squadron when I start buying the Clix up again... darn Topps for killing the line before the Valiant could be released!

Carthaginian wroteColonGrant recently got a whole passel of them, IIRC, and mentioned something about selling extras at slightly more fair prices. Maybe you could make a deal ;)

Grant wroteColonYeah, I gotta look through them. I got them, assembled a couple. never had time to look through them :lol: I will get on it and post the list.

Garc wroteColonThere were LE releases of Charlie Steele in a Firebrand & Captain Norm Houston in a Bloodhawk (both Knights) as well as Loylr Crawford in a Brigand & Carleton "Carpetbagger" Hawthorne in an Avenger for the Bombers. other than those, looks like you've got all the serviceable WizKids planes (not counting the Santa's Holiday Flyer for obvious reasons...)

Garc (the new kid on the block)

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