Blake Aviation Security Planes

For Squadrons designed with the WK system.
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Blake Aviation Security Planes

Postby foxmalcolm » Mon Jan 26, 2009 10:41 am

Garc wroteColonIn what spare time I might have in the future, I am thinking of putting together a squad for Blake Aviation Security. In the Wizkids fluff, they have a pilot name & plane together. Any pilot names that should be included here (who's Blake's Wingman?) As for planes, Paladin Blake, the only current figure out, is flying a Defender. Would he be using heavies? Given that I need to use one of the planes & stats Wizkids made, what should be the makeup of Blake's squadron? (4 more planes) Here are my choices:
Bloodhawk (used by BAS in the novel Rogue Flyer)

Thanks for any opinions you can render!

Grant wroteColonOkay... In Blakes various appearances (All of which I take with a grain of salt. Most are (*even quoted in the website) as being spiced up versions for print.).
I don't know the Wizkids how it works to well, but here is what he had appeared in.

Paladin Blake and the Phantom Prototype: A P2 Warhawk with the engines souped up, and the maneuverability lessened.

Paladin Blake and the Secret City: A Hughes Devastator. The plane I think he used in the early days by my guess. Rugged, dependable, and easy to maintain. I also think he would downgrade the speed and upgrade the weaponry. During his escape he used a Warhawk with the guns removed and extra hardpoints added.

In the Novel, and the CrimsonSkies PC game, he used a Bloodhawk.

As far as I know, I sortof think Blake doesn't have a wingman, if he does, I think he would be a "Unknown" that would still be a loyal wingman.

In the fasa advertisement for BAS the fighters pictured were Furies.

Here is what I would do.
Make a squadron of Blake in a Bloodhawk. On the old CrimsonSkies website, it said that Blakes personal squadron consisted of a mix of Bloodhawks and Peacemakers... The ratio could be up to you :D

If it wasn't his perosnal squadron, probably make it up of a pair of furies, and a mix of other aircraft.

P.S. I know Wizkids doesn't use the FASA rules. But ehre is Paladin Blakes FASA stats.
Natural Touch6, Sixth Sense9, Deadeye7, Steadyhand9, Consitution5, Quickdraw7.

yahzuk wroteColonJust out of curiousity, where did the Blake FASA stats come from?

foxmalcolm wroteColonGranted I don't have all of the books yet but in the FASA supplement "Blake Aviation Security"[8006] It talks about Blakes earlier years and the formation of the BAS.
It describes Blake as a gung-ho maverick who recruited like minded individuals to lead his teams.
I doubt that Blake ever had a consistant wingman his whole career.
On top of that the book goes into great detail about various Blake squadrons, the pilots, their planes and stats.

Grant wroteColonthe blake FASA stats came from the old short story posted on FASA's website "The Mystery of the Phantom Prototype". I got it in PDF.
It should be in the back of the book actually called "Crimson Skies" as well.

Carthaginian wroteColonAs an aside, might I suggest avoiding Brigands in building a Blake squadron.
Fairchild is notorious for dealing with sky pirates, and Blake would probably take a very, very dim view of this corporate policy. Very likely, he'd boycott the company and he might even be openly hostile towards them.

Garc wroteColonI'm in negotiations for a couple of Peacemakers and Bloodhawks, but I may still buy the ace pack that has the Defender in it. It can be fielded at a rookie level, to represent Blake chaperoning a new pilot..

Carthaginian wroteColonThere was an ace pack with PR-1?
Which is it, and can you link one for sale?

Garc wroteColonHi Carthaginian - you mean I finally get to help you? Great - I enjoy your comments. Paladin Blake in his PR-1 Defender & Charlie Steele in a Coyote marked in the color of the Navajo nation are in aces pack #4, titled "Sky Enforcers." There is no single available on e-bay now - the only dealer listing one is Sci-Fi City, which has one in a mega-starter pack (4 squadrons, 4 ace packs & the rules) for $60ish. They had one for sale last week, at $16 plus shipping, but it sold. Not sure if they'd break it out for you.

Carthaginian wroteColonYIKES!!!

That's scary-expensive... I just got ALL the other sets (3x Red Skulls, 2x Fortune Hunters, 1x Broadway Bombers, 2x Hollywood Knights, 1x of each Aces pack) for exactly $2 each! I can't believe that this one is going for so much. It'll be tough to budget that for a single, much less for the necessary four plane element that I wanted to pick up.

Grant wroteColonLOl...too bad ;)

I had bought (Back before I realized WK and FASA were differant) a huge lot of WK aircraft....sorta got gypped...the guy sent the mini-figs opf the sky enforcers, but didn't include the Coyote or PR1 Defender (Both included in the sale), and packaged badly about a third of the planes were damaged :(..Ah well...

I better watch, I know I saw a set of WK planes around here somewhere (Garage sale?) before I knew of Crimson Skies.

Garc wroteColonSo, I now have 2 Bloodhawks & 1 Peacemaker for the Blake Squadron. Any opinions on who from Blake Aviation Security would pilot what type of plane? Or what their skills might be?

Carthaginian wroteColon
Garc wroteColonSo, I now have 2 Bloodhawks & 1 Peacemaker for the Blake Squadron. Any opinions on who from Blake Aviation Security would pilot what type of plane? Or what their skills might be?

I got the BAS supplement; I can send you the FASA states for ALL Blake's pilots for you to do with as you see fit... as long as I can have till Thursday evening to get them to you. ;) Lotsa homework right now... I gotta learn not to procrastinate.

Garc wroteColonCarthaginian - take your time - I've got a 7th Sea deck to put together to beat my son-in-law, so I can wait a while! Thanks for your help.

BTW - should I get the FASA Blake Aviation guide? Would that help me out?

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