My Fellow Australians . . . .

Planes fer less, getum at Honest Harry's. (Trading area)
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Re: My Fellow Australians . . . .

Postby Jerba » Sat Sep 12, 2009 12:30 pm

Congrats Igor for receiving the game. It really is a well packaged game, WizKids did great. Be sure to give a review of the game when you can. I like it for its relative simplicity. I've even convinced a non-gamer friend to play it with me a couple times.

I'm lucky enough to have all the planes produced now, perhaps a contribution I can make to the Dec/Jan event is to record the stats of all the WizKids planes for an archive here...

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Re: My Fellow Australians . . . .

Postby Igor » Sat Sep 12, 2009 2:38 pm

We started with the Aces game, since both of us were curious about how this would go as an RPG. We had fun - which was the main thing - but there were some frustrating things about it.

We started off thinking that the Aces were "heroes" and the token game pieces were the canon fodder since the click system allowed the Aces a number of hits. As it turned out, after Chris had captured Maria (I let him play Nathan Zachary tonight) he found that my token pieces gradually wore him down until the "Leading Man" took him out in two turns because of his "One-two" ability. This seemed to give him a massive attack stat which was out of proportion to his character. I mean even Chuck Norris shouldn't be able to take out a seasoned pirate!

Because we could only move and attack with one piece each turn, this seemed to give it a very "chess" feel to it. This was against Chris' experience with Warhammer where you moved all your game pieces each turn. I wonder if anyone has tried the game that way? I think it would be more "realistic" since it would allow teamwork and tactics as pieces could attack in a phallanx or cover each other more effectively. Instead it seemed to be more "reflexive" as we could really only react to the attacks we were in.

Still a good game though, I liked the way that all the stats were "onboard" rather than having to be recorded. Perhaps our problem was that we had got some of the rules wrong? We'll try the air combat game tomorrow since he has to get back to Engineering studies.



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