Crimson Skies: Bloodhound

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Crimson Skies: Bloodhound

Postby Ebak » Sun Feb 08, 2009 4:28 am

Foreword: This is first incomplete...I hope to keep it going and complete it as soon as I can but knowing me it will probably be a year before it's done, lol.

The story thus far is a little sketchy. The main story deals with a secret weapon entitled "Bloodhound" I won't give too much away...but here is the opening chapter and the title of the second chapter of my novella. The novella is intended for any audience, the book will touch upon the history of Crimson Skies and what caused this world (once I figure it out myself, heh, some sources are confusing) and what goes on the morals in the society, I even do my best to describe the planes and technology in as much detail as I can. Please make criticism and make suggestions.


Chapter 1: Not So Humble Beginnings
The red alert klaxon sounded throughout the cold, hard, steel cargo bay of the transport Zeppelin Apogosa.

“Battle stations! Battle stations!” rung through the halls as security pilots rushed to their planes stored in the cargo bay, another day, another air pirate attack.
Nathan Zachary, the gentleman pirate and leader of the Fortune Hunters manoeuvred his Huges Devastator plane into position, a nimble aircraft and his most beloved possession it was a plane with two small front mounted wings with 2 wing levels at the back infront of the rear mounted propeller. It was the standard plane that all the Fortune Hunters used.
He easily targeted the zeppelin Apogosa and let loose a torrent of machine gun fire on its small propeller engines. One by one they went up in a blaze of fire.

“Watch it boss. Bogey at 5 o’clock high.” Turning his head right to look behind him he spotted a blue-grey William & Colt Peacemaker. An ugly fighter compared to the devastator, dual fuselage, one with a mounted cannon and the other with the cockpit, connected with a single pylon connected to a third cylinder, this one housed the engine and prop at the rear. Serrifed wings protruded from the two cylindrical fuselages as a long rod thinned from the back of the two fuselages into a flat wing design.

Not wasting any time Zackary rolled and dived towards the ground. This was a big payoff day and he wasn’t about to let himself be swindled out of his payday. Few things kept Zackary going besides woman, money, booze and the feel of a planes joystick in the grip of his hands.
As Zachary dived he passed through the carnage that was air piracy. Fortune hunter aircraft chasing Blake Aviation aircraft. He spotted Jack in the only non-Devastator aircraft, the Bristol Type 140 Balmoral Bomber, one of the largest planes Zachary had ever seen. A large main body fuselage with a gunner pod on the underside of the plane at the front and back. The wings were just as large slanting down about at about 75 degrees before meeting the large prop engine and then going into the normal 90 degree wing. It’s main job was bombing, but this job was exception. Codenamed “delivery boy” the balmorals job was to dock with the zeppelin and steal the payment that the zeppelin was carrying to the capital Hollywood in The Nation of Hollywood for the “vulgar ritch” as Zachary called them. The things never go as planned, but this was the few times the plan worked. The Fortune Hunters had shot off the aerial of the Apogosta meaning that they couldn’t send a distress called, but it didn’t mean they had not already sent one before it was shot off. Zachary kept an eye out for Hughes Aviation Security, the local Hollywood security force to intervene. No sign of them so far…but he did have to deal with Blake Aviation Security, a private security firm for hire.

Pulling up he swung around and gained height while avoiding fire as he headed for a daredevil ride towards the zeppelin, pulling up and over at the last minute. The Peacemaker was still on him. Finally he rolled around and under the zeppelin, the Peacemaker was exactly where he wanted it, in his crosshairs. He squeezed the trigger. Small flashes occurred as the bullets shot into the plane followed by a large explosion on the engine as the fuel ignited. It started to careen wildly as it plummeted to the ground, Zachary’s good eyesight saw the cockpit open and the pilot jump to safety of the ground using his parachute.

In the excitement, Zachary had forgotten to check on progress. He immediately ordered all the Fortune Hunters to report in.

“This is Betty, I’ve got a real live one here, but he’s going down!”

“Jack here, the payload is ready starting launch sequence.”
“Big Jon here, me and Tex will provide covering fire.”

“This is Buck, forming up on your wing boss.”

“Sparks here! Pandora is ready for pickup.”

Nathan smiled, his crew and his plane were important..but his pride and joy was the Pandora, a large pure white zeppelin with a pointed aft with 3 red swift wings slicing the daylight behind it imbued with the Fortune Hunter insignia, 4 cards symbolising Justice, Wealth, Lovers and Death, each with a related image.

Zachary observed as Jack launched from the hangar bay of the Apogosta, he had a tough job. The Balmoral was one of the hardest planes to launch. It’s large wings had to fold up in order to fit into any zep’s hangar bay, meaning that upon being grabbed by the docking hook, the wings had to be folded and then pulled up into the docking bay. That was landing. That was easy. However launching was much more difficult, when a fighter is launched from a zeppelin, the docking hook holds the plane over the hangar bay doors and the plane is literally dropped, this is where the Balmoral had problems, while most planes would have their engine running and fixed wings, meaning they could quickly pull into a normal flight. However Balmoral had to actually unfold its wings, during freefall.
Jack had barely cleared the bay doors when he started to unfold the wings. Painstakingly slow the wings slowly lowered into correct flight position allowing the less than nimble Balmoral to raise it’s nose to the sky and the Pandora.

“Ok Fortune Hunters, deal with the remaining fighter aircraft then dock with the Pandora.” The Fortune Hunters all responded in the affirmative. Left, right, above, below, everywhere there were little skirmishes, with the Fortune Hunters winning, it wasn’t long before the final peacemaker gracefully fell from the sky spinning wildly as the pilot ejected. The pirates turned their red and black Devastators towards home, the Pandora.

A large cheer of hurrah, horary and other exclaims of victory sounded throughout the Pandora’s hangar bay. The Devastators all stood proudly inside the large zeppelins hangar bay like they were bought brand new. To look at them, you wouldn’t have thought they had just gone into combat. The Fortune Hunters had done it again, aerial piracy at its finest. Some would call it

“Sparks, set course for Sky Haven.” Zachary ordered, turning to a man off the same height but very thin with dusty blonde hair. Eddie “Sparks” Conroy. Never once did he ever sit in the cockpit of a plane and fly it, he was however essential to the team as he was the pilot of the Pandora.

“Sky Haven? But skipper Sea Haven is much more closer…”

“Set course for Sky Haven…” with that, Zachary walked off towards his cabin, all members of the Fortune Hunters following him with their eyes. Betty was the first one to release the gunfire.

“He still hasn’t gotten over the Doc…”

“Well they were good friends for years, much before me and him.” Jack said.

“Yeah, then again you certainly made a good impression first time Jack, you got in gunner position and end up shooting your own plane up.” Big Jon said with a laugh.

“Hey hey! That wasn’t my fault! I…had something in my eye…” with renewed cheer the Fortune Hunters headed towards the crew lounge while Sparks headed to the bridge to pilot the Pandora to Sky Haven.

Chapter 2: Sky High and Sky Haven

comming soon

FoxMalcolm Wrote
Can't wait to hear the rest of it

Ebak Wrote
Thanks, anything I can improve, and what do you think of the image?

Grant Wrote
It looks good!!!

If I had one suggestion, it would be to space the sentances spoke by differant people.

Otherwise excellent spelling (Fra bettre than mine), good action, and un-cluttered dialogue!!!!

Question: Done any writing before?

Ebak Wrote
Grant wrote:
It looks good!!!

If I had one suggestion, it would be to space the sentances spoke by differant people.

Otherwise excellent spelling (Fra bettre than mine), good action, and un-cluttered dialogue!!!!

Question: Done any writing before?

Quite alot, I am an english student and we write alot of coursework and papers. Outside of school I haven't written much, I have started and part way through a Star Trek novella so...I guess I have written a little.

Phoenix Wrote
Looks good to me. My only thing would be the technical details of the planes, it seems a bit early to state the facts straight out. Try to work the facts into the rest of the story, or save a full explanation until later. But overall, very good.

Ebak Wrote
Phoenix wrote:
Looks good to me. My only thing would be the technical details of the planes, it seems a bit early to state the facts straight out. Try to work the facts into the rest of the story, or save a full explanation until later. But overall, very good.

My reason for that is to keep new readers interested, they won't know how odd the planes look like or their specs, so I inform them of the details of the planes.

Chapter 2: Sky high at Sky haven
The Pandora approached Sky Haven at normal cruising speed, no hurry to get there. The Fortune Hunters had been here before; however it was when the Black Hat squadron under Ulysses Booth controlled the haven of the sky and it wasn’t a safe place. Since however the Black Hats had migrated elsewhere and Sky Haven was once again a place of truce for pirates.
However it looked like there was trouble brewing already, and this didn’t look like the kind spawned by an everyday bar brawl. Fighters littered the skies, from far away it was hard to identify the fighters but what were apparent was the zeppelins. The first was a long black zep with white trim, very much like the Pandora, except the wings carried on from the back of the zep and didn’t stick out. An insignia of a white background with a black swan graced the side of the zeppelin, the Black Swan Squadron were obviously involved somehow. The other zep was a minor player in the pirating game, the Red Shadows. However the two didn’t appear to be in combat with each other but two other zeppelins, a Blake Aviation Security and a new player, Zachary had never seen the insignia before, but it was of lady liberty holding her torch under a jolly Rodger flag.
The Pandora picked up speed towards the ensuing battle as the Fortune Hunters scrambled to their fighters. Only after a few minutes the Hunters were airborne.

“Zachary, I figured I smelled a duck in the water.” Came the Russian accent of the Black Swan over Zachary’s radio.

“Black Swan what in all of god's name is going on!” Zachary barked.

“All was peaceful until these two zeps arrived, then all hell broke loose, no warning, no demand to surrender, just plain attack. We haven’t lost anyone yet but Sky Haven has taken considerable damage.”
Zachary nodded and assigned orders to his squad mates. He and Jack, Tex and Big Jon would deal with the fighters while Betty and Buck hang back and defend the Pandora and allied zeps. They broke formation and in their pairs set to their tasks. Nathan quickly identified a target, a Peacemaker that passed before his cockpit in close pursuit of a black and white Curtiss-Wright J2 Fury, a favored plane of the Black Swan Squadron.

Rolling right and lining up his sights on the Peacemaker, Zachary pulled the trigger and 92 hot explosive rounds shot from his 4 machine guns and hit the Peacemaker dead on before strafing and hitting the wing, ripping it clean off as the fighter became a falling lump of metal impacting and exploding against the rocky mountains. The pilot never had time to bail out. Trouble was everywhere but that made Zachary’s job easier, everywhere he turned a Peacemaker passed into his crosshairs, and a short burst of 40. Caliber bullets sent them away in balls of flame or in smoke at the very least. Come the 6th Peacemaker, Zachary noticed the new blood had joined the party, a squadron of green and blue Hughes Bloodhawk’s were launched from the Zeppelin with the Lady Liberty insignia, which again was burning the Jolly Rodger. Zachary didn’t know exactly what it stood for, only that it was trouble. Like the enemy had read his mind a voice came over the radio.

“Fortune Hunters, this is the Torch of Justice Squadron, you are dealing in a battle that you cannot win, cease fire and surrender now or you shall be shot down.” Came a stern and forcing voice. Zachary flicked his own radio on.

“I don’t like the tone of your voice mister, and you forget your in pirate territory, everyone knows that you can’t win on a battle that isn’t your home ground.” Zachary increased the amount of annoyance into his voice; he didn’t want to be out there in a battle after all. Right now he’d prefer to be in one of Sky Havens many bars, drinking, playing cards while a beautiful woman stood behind him rubbing his shoulders. After that would come more drinking and then a good old bar brawl, then he’d head back to the Pandora to sleep and lick whatever wounds he had.

“You may think so, but we have our own surprises.” The same harsh voice bored right into Zachary. With that he noticed the broadside cannon hatches, or what looked like them, on the Torch of Justice zep open up…but cannons did not come out, instead came little platforms with odd looking turrets on them. He noticed what they were and Sparks obviously did too.

“Holy mother of…!” One of the launches fired as a slow traveling but highly dangerous missile headed straight for Pandora.

“We have aerial torpedoes inbound! All engines hard to port!” Sparks cried as the Pandora’s propeller’s turned on their nacelles and steered the Pandora hard left. The torpedo barely missed the front of the Pandora.

“Fortune Hunters! Attack those turrets!” Zachary barked, he smelled blood in the water, unfortunately it was his own and he had to make sure that leak didn’t become a gush. However the Fortune Hunters had acted instinctively, already switching targets to the zep. Things were not going well though, first, not only did they have to shoot out the torpedo launches. But they also needed to dodge and shake enemy aircraft. Though, one by one, the turrets fell to the fire of the Fortune Hunters and the Torch of Justice zeppelin started to turn and retreat along with the Blake Aviation zep.

“Let them go.” Zachary ordered. However the Black Swan was not pleased with the proposal.

“Swan, if we destroy them we become no better than they, let them lick their wounds for now. Let’s regroup. What about the other group you were fighting with.

“They’re gone Nathan…all the pilots were downed and from what I saw, none managed to bail out in time.” Swan said, a little sorrow in her voice. It was a sure sign that she admired the squadron, even if they weren’t very well known. They had shown courage and determination.

“Except myself.” Came a voice, youthful and sharp. British, but difficult to place what part of England
“What’s your name boy?” Zachary chimed.

“Ebak Sison of the Red Shadow’s, one of their newest pilots…” came the same voice, no face came to Zachary’s mind when he heard the voice. Usually you could determine at least an image of someone from their voice, even if it wasn’t correct. However…with this voice, it was next to impossible.

“You ever docked with a Zep?” Zachary asked.

“Can’t everybody?” Asked the pilot, Zachary smiled, the kid had a little spunk if not much confidence, that he could tell. Zachary asked the lone pilot aboard Pandora along with the Black Swan squadron.

Chapter 3: Black Hearts and Black Hats

Grant Wrote

Has a good feel for the pulp comics that FASA put out. Ah..CrimsonSkies is such a great topic for fiction.

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Re: Crimson Skies: Bloodhound

Postby Ebak » Tue Dec 04, 2012 10:45 pm

Author note: It's been awhile..but I have finnally decided to see if I still got what it takes to write this story. So lets crack on.

Chapter 3: Brigands, Bullets and Balls

The entire Fortune Hunter squadron sat around the oak table as sunlight streamed through the large windows of the Pandora's briefing room. Ebak looked around the table as he recounted the inccident.

"We had stopped off here at Sky Haven to resupply our plane and our Zepplin, the Crimson Mist, so we could begin the long haul to Montreal. We had just ben given the green light to go when we heard the sirens go off." Ebak looked to the left, distracted by the sparks coming from the other windows that showed the long hangar bay of the Pandora, repairs were going on on all the planes, he saw his own plane, a Hughes Bloodhawk painted a deep blood red with grey rip marks over it, a plane more focused on speed and manoverability rather than ruggedness.

"They came out of nowhere, using the cloud for cover, the attack was very militaristic in its precision." Black Sawn spoke in her deep russian accent. "We were taken completely by surprise, the defenses were quickly overwhelmed."

"Blake has never done anything this daring before Zachary." Jack said in his depressing pesimistic voice. "Private security is one thing, planned offensive against a pirate group, that is another thing all together."

Zachary looked around thinking about the implications of the attack.
"I do agree that this shows that many of the governments are starting to take us more seriously than ever, particuarly if they are openly attacking us instead of waiting for us to go to them." He turned to Swan and Ebak. "What can you tell us about the group that attacked with Blake?"

"The Torch of Justice Private Military Company" Ebak stated in a calm voice. "We've heard of them but not ever actually went up against them before. Their a Private Military Company, think of them like Blake Aviation but with bigger guns, bigger resources and bigger egos." There was a titter of chuckling around the table. "They have been offensively attacking many other squadrons around Empire State, their main area of operation. There's rumors that many smaller anti-pirate groups are part of their organisation. Beyond that, I have no clue who they are or why they attacked Sky Haven."

Zachary nodded "Swan, could you call in a few favors from the other groups, see if we can find out what sort of pies this Torch of Justice has its handle in. I want to know why they attacked us and what they are up to."

Swan nodded "I will try, naturally a lot of other groups won't be pleased to hear from me, the Black Hats have the most informants accross the continent...but they aren't exactly our friends."

Zachary smiled wryly "Who's their leader now?"

Swan grinned "Your old friend, Ace Dixon. Ever since Boothe betrayed them attempted to sell them out to Blake Aviation."

Zachary couldn't help but laugh "Ace Dixon? What did he take too many hits to the head from all those times I shot him down? He hasn't got the skill to lead a criminal squadron. However that will work on our favor." He hit the intercom. "Sparks! Set a course for Utah, we're on the hunt for some Black Hats."

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Re: Crimson Skies: Bloodhound

Postby Grant » Mon Dec 31, 2012 10:40 pm

not bad. Look forward to any more :mrgreen:

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