Battle Report: Parasite Fighter Test

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Battle Report: Parasite Fighter Test

Postby Neo-Tanuki » Sun Mar 24, 2013 2:31 am

Hello all,

Well, a friend of mine was willing to try out Crimson Skies for the first time, and we tried a dogfight with two Bloodhawk Es versus two Blackflag Nightingales. I was playing the Nightingales.

Upon further reflection, I wish I had not offered my friend Bloodhawk Es. They are amazing planes! They are pretty evenly matched against the Nightingales. We played about 13 turns dancing around each other and inflicting minor damage...but he actually managed to roll the exact same location twice in a row and crack my wing spar. We decided to wrap up early to play a bit of X-wing also...and on the last turn we played, he bracketed my fighter at range 1 with both his Bloodhawks. At that point, I surrendered. :cry:

It was a fun game. However, I was REALLY rusty from years out of practice, and just couldn't seem to get a handle on how to get a bead on those Bloodhawks. Plus, TN 9 and improved armor made them extremely difficult opponents!

Against a less maneuverable fighter with a lower TN? Now that might be a different story. But I need some practice, definitely.

Those Bloodhawk Es, though. Man! Those are sweet fighters! :D

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Re: Battle Report: Parasite Fighter Test

Postby Carthaginian » Sun Mar 24, 2013 7:08 pm

Making a Bloodhawk a TN 9 with all the other stats the same would border on 'unbalanced.' :lol:
Two .40 cals against planes that have only 2 -3 rows of armor is nasty.

I REALLY wish i had someone closeby (Mobile, AL) that wanted to play CS!
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Re: Battle Report: Parasite Fighter Test

Postby Neo-Tanuki » Tue Mar 26, 2013 5:27 am

Well, I'd be happy to play you if I was nearby...but I was so rusty I fear it wouldn't be much of a match, lol! :D

I was surprised how fast and easy it was to get the dogfight going. It helped that my friend is an experienced gamer even though he hadn't played Crimson Skies before.

But he recently discovered X-wing (which he got me addicted to) and in comparison, he said CS just didn't have the same appeal. :cry:

I did snap a quick pick of the match. You can see my Seer and Firestorm proxying for Nightingales:


I still enjoy Crimson Skies...but I need a LOT of practice getting used to plotting maneuvers again. :lol:

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Re: Battle Report: Parasite Fighter Test

Postby Jerba » Tue Mar 26, 2013 2:26 pm

X-Wing is a great game. It really satisfies the dog fighting urge. It is simple and quick compared to CS, that is the problem getting anyone to play CS. It is too difficult to design your plane, learn the rules, apply the damage, play a quick game, you feel boxed in by hexes, etc.

I think we need a CS conversion of X-Wing. It would be awesome! Best of both worlds, says I!

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Re: Battle Report: Parasite Fighter Test

Postby Neo-Tanuki » Tue Mar 26, 2013 4:52 pm

Oddly enough, I think Crimson Skies is a game that works better when you have a lot of players. The more planes on the board, the more opportunities you have to shoot something, making the game more exciting. :) CS works really well if you understand the maneuver template...but the template is very intimidating to beginners and often puts off new players in my experience. I wish there was a version that was simpler and easier to read for newbies.

Actually, the game we played went very fast and smooth. The difficulty was that the fighters were so evenly matched we spent most of the game just zooming around trying to line up shots and mostly failing. It came down to who made the first mistake...that was me! :D

Alternately, perhaps I should have played on one of the boards with obstacles to make maneuvers more challenging.

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