Rogue Pirate Zeppeiln Raids Foiled

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Rogue Pirate Zeppeiln Raids Foiled

Postby foxmalcolm » Mon Jul 30, 2012 8:06 pm

Tuesday 15th of May 1934

Mystery fighter planes saves the day!

Glenn Wagner to Pirates
“This is War!”

By AWN Special Correspondent
Ernie “Griff” McAlistor

CEO of Curtiss-Wright Aviation Ltd. Glenn Wagner, publicly announced yesterday that his company will no longer be selling their flagship product the J2 Fury to civilian consumers.

During a press conference held yesterday, at his Corporate Headquarters in Ohio, Mr Wagner stated “I feel deep regret and concern that my company’s most acclaimed fighter has become a mainstay of Pirate Gangs the world over.”

“To this effect I have taken personal steps to limit the sale and manufacture of the Fury to authorised Military and Security firms.”

“Also effective immediately I am recalling all essential parts required for regular maintenance, except for the afore-mention exceptions.”

Civil and Military Security analysts hope that this unprecedented action will encourage other Aviation firms to take up the cause in fighting the war on Air Piracy.

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By AWN Special Correspondent
Sally Ann Winghart

“It all happened so fast”

These are the words are of MR Allan Barry, Chief Technical Supervisor of No.3 Hanger at Curtis-Wright’s Kentucky manufacturing & assembly plant.

“All we had was a single message broadcasted to us the moment they were an hour out.”

“They said something about being unhappy with the big boss’s discission to stop making planes so they were going to come over here and take everything not nailed down and if we don’t all clear out they were going to come in swinging!”

According to Blake Aviation Security spokesman, Phillip Harding, “a number of local pirate gangs banded together to invade the Ohio assembly plant in retaliation for CEO Glenn Wagner’s announcement yesterday.”

”Apparently they felt they would be adversely affected by his [Glen Wagner’s] decision to halt manufacture and sale of aircraft to pirate groups.
“Surprisingly co-ordinated, the attacks sought to draw off local security forces by creating a faux raid.”

“Then once all of the defenders attention was elsewhere they launched their attack by announcing their plan to the hapless works at the factory.

They had hoped that by broadcasting their intentions they would meet little if any resistance, unfortunately for them, things didn’t turn out that way.”

Instead of there being widespread panic upon receiving the demand, Curtis-Wright Senior Technicians sprang into action, accessing the situation and organising the workers into mobilising a counter offensive.

“It was like starting a new project” said Aviation consultant Peter Murdock, “we did a quick inventory check and catalogued what was in stock, then checked with the heads of departments to see what technical skills were at our disposal.”

“From there we did a quick brainstorm and then agreed upon a course of action, I wish all of our strategy sessions went this well!”

Contrary to public knowledge, this reporter has discovered that this facility was currently in the process of being downgraded as a result of budget cutbacks.

And while there were no “complete” aircraft here anymore there were a large amount of parts and semi made airframes.

After the strategy meeting the factory complex became a hive of activity as workers rushed everywhere carrying out their assignments.

Some it would seem headed into town and raided sporting stores and automotive repair yards for “parts”.

Incredibly in less than 40 mins they had managed to assemble three purpose built aircraft from scraps and parts that were lying around in the warehouses.

“I am sure accounting HQ is going to give us an ear full for all of the unauthorised purchases and expenses,” said Lead facility Overseer Frank Palmer, “but Hell, I am sure they will come to see that it is cheaper to lose a large amount of money than it is to lose an entire assembly plant and all it contains!”

An impressive achievement considering the looming threat, however there was a hitch.

Whilst the workers sent to town did bring back all they were sent to get, they could not find any military surplus or firearm stores, the planes were unarmed!

Undeterred the technicians put their heads together and decided to implement a radical idea; they would affix giant razor blades to the nose of the aircraft.

The principle is that they would fly close to the skin of the zeppelins and “slash” gapping holes in them wherever possible, hopefully forcing them [the pirates] to turn back.

As things have turned out the operation was a success!

The factory was able to launch the fighters and attack the zeppelins, downing one zeppelin and crippling two others.

And with the timely arrival of some speedy BAS fighters returning from a successful patrol, the remaining pirate forces were routed.

Unfortunately this victory has come at a cost, Field Mechanic Alex Carthagy Jr. died when his plane downed the Pirate Zeppelin.

While he had successfully torn the fatal hole in the mid section gasbag his plane disintegrated shortly afterward.

Later this afternoon, CEO Glenn Wagner expressed remorse at the loss of a promising young worker and vowed that this plan to fight piracy will continue.

And that sacrifices like those of young Alex, will only fuel the fires of his [Glen Wagner’s] conviction that this is the right course of action.

When asked about will the new aircraft [affectionately called “Zep Poppers” or “Gryffin” by the workers] be made available soon, Mr Wagner said that the aircraft are currently being assessed by the best technicians to see what we can learn from them and hopefully avoid anymore unfortunate accidents like what befell here today.

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Re: Rogue Pirate Zeppeiln Raids Foiled

Postby Jerba » Mon Jul 30, 2012 8:28 pm

Well done! The layout looks great and the story is a hoot. Fake raid? HA, classic tactic. Great work, Fox! Are we going to see more of the Gryffin?

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Re: Rogue Pirate Zeppeiln Raids Foiled

Postby foxmalcolm » Mon Jul 30, 2012 8:43 pm

Yep, but I am still developing it.
My main concept at the moment is to create a short range, dedicated zeppelin fighter.
I literally came up with this last night before bed, spent 3 hours on the model [basic jigsaw of CS plane parts from existing models] and then 2 hours writing it up and photoshoping the paper.
Maybe in a few hours when the excitement has worn off I might get to sleep [currently 6:45am]

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Re: Rogue Pirate Zeppeiln Raids Foiled

Postby Grant » Mon Jul 30, 2012 10:07 pm

Lol. NICE! Love seeing quality stuff like that :lol:

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Re: Rogue Pirate Zeppeiln Raids Foiled

Postby Thom » Tue Jul 31, 2012 4:27 am

Great fun Fox! Thanks for the story sir, keep it up!
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