Jordan Weisman Q&A interview submission(11th-20th)

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Re: Jordan Weisman Q&A interview submission(11th-20th)

Postby Wild Weasel » Fri Feb 12, 2010 3:37 pm

YES!!! I would love to be able to customize my planes more. Different paint schemes (some planes only have certain ones available) and ABSOLUTELY nose art and squadron insignia. I would LOVE to upload a Varga, Petty or Elvgren pinup with a custom name to adorn my steed's nose.

CS ended with such a nice teaser I'd like to see a CS2 continue from there. Golden idol? (How a zep could carry that is beyond me.) But some team-up with the Swan for a good portion at least and maybe visits to other nations and see other aces/pirates.

I have a hankering to fly against a human again and a friend of mine is going to see about setting up a VPN session for CS. We get any bugs worked out I'll post how.

Check Six!

Wild Weasel

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