Crimson Skies: Forming facebook group

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Crimson Skies: Forming facebook group

Postby Grant » Mon Dec 01, 2014 3:20 am

Okay guys, I suck....I know that.

I'm also not going to abandon the forum...(Well....if you count a login every three months and paying the light bills.....).

That said I have been thinking and decided that while I still plan on using the forum for large-scale layouts and I DO PLAN ON UPDATING THE WEBSITE (although I have been lagging).

I think forming a facebook group would be a good easy way for people to remain/stay interested, and draw in new people. I like forums, I have little time, so I skim the two-three I always do and usually skim facebook as well....

SO many people ONLY do facebook, I am thinking it will be a good way to "group" people and then direct to certain topics on this forum.

So, here's what I need, to form a group, I need to have at least one other person who si in my friends list to add when I form the group.....well....none of my friends on facebook are crimson skies players, or....baordgamers....or....pc gamers. or search, Montana Raiders-Crimson Skies fliers club apply to join and I'll approve you.

I will say this up front.......if we all DO go the facebook friends route....if someone gets to where you will start squabbling....unfriend and stay in the group or unfollow them.

Some of you don't, some do, remember the whole rabidfox blowup we had, where a guy let his personal antics get in the way of a good forum. We all have our own, PERSONAL, let me repeat PERSONAL opinions in life, let's not pollute the game with it.

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Re: Crimson Skies: Forming facebook group

Postby [GSS]Bandit » Thu Aug 06, 2015 3:12 pm

Hi Grant,

sounds a reasonable thing to do, although I must confess that I abhor FB and can't bring myself to using it, even for such a noble cause as Crimson Skies.
That said, I'm really glad you're willing to keep the forum running. Thanks, I really appreciate it :!:
Many happy landings!

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Re: Crimson Skies: Forming facebook group

Postby Thom » Fri Aug 07, 2015 2:49 am

I do have an FB account, but I doubt if I am there weekly, just too much bullshit and drama to wade through. But on the other hand, I do check this forum daily, I only miss a check in here when I am on the road.
Flying the Crimson Skies

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Re: Crimson Skies: Forming facebook group

Postby foxmalcolm » Tue Jan 26, 2016 6:49 am

Hey Grant awesome idea, just checked into Montana Raiders forum for the first time in months [my bad] and saw this post.
So I signed up to your FB page a few seconds ago . . same username, so you should recognise me straight away.

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