AAR - Escort the bomber

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AAR - Escort the bomber

Postby Cyagen » Sat Jan 18, 2014 3:35 pm

The goal was simple, I had to get the Bomber (a Festung IV) across the board.

The Firebrand draws first blood! (He only got hit by a 50 MG, but he damaged heavily the Brigand)

Here is my mistake that cost me the game, I did not stick to my plan and keep the bomber straigth.

The Valiant scores a MG hit that will go BOUM in 4 turns.

After some prep work from the Fribrand the Me-108 blew up the Brigand with a MG tank hit. There was no 'chute

After 2 rocket hits from the Bloodhawk, the Firebrand destroyed the Devastator's engine. The pilot bailout out but lost 2 Con when he hit the rotor and survived.

The Bomber goes BOOOOOOM! The Pirates now need to exit the board as the fulfiled their objective.

But the Valiant is not fast enough, the Firebrand gets his second kill!

After that, both sides call it a day and returned to base.

Some quick conclusions:

1- Bombers are very vulnerable. In that case if was a BTN 4 to target any location. My opponent logically targetted the wing to get a tank hit. They can hurt you with their turrets (especially the 2 x 60) but I doubt that, even if I had played it perfectly, the bomber would have survived.

2- The Firebrand is still the king. My opponent is new to the game, it was his second game. He told me "That is a very very bad boy!". Indeed! I had a 7 DE pilot (we rolled random pilots) in it and it was a deadly combination.

3- As I said, I made the mistake of trying to be fancy with the bomber. I should have stick to the plan, straigth ahead!

4- Although I lost the game, my opponent paid a very high price. By concentrating on the bomber, he allowed my to get some good shots in. Only the Firebrand got lost an elevator to enemy fire. The Me-108 paint was scratch and the Bloodhawk got stress fractures.

5- I am trying to get the hang on the Bloodhawk. It will never be my favorite plane but I think I figured out the loadout and the tactic to use it correctly.

6- The Me-108 (my creation) had a good game. I am eager to test it more, I got the feeling that I am going to like it a lot.

So that was it folks, comments and questions are always welcome.
Malphas, over and out

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