Forum Game: Zappencackler's Title-O-Tron

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Forum Game: Zappencackler's Title-O-Tron

Postby Jerba » Fri Jun 15, 2012 2:32 pm

I was hoping you all would join me in a new game! The Thrilling Tales website is pretty neat and they have a fun little doo-hicky that generates random pulp story titles. When you refresh the page its a new set of titles!

Here is the game: Go to the page. Generate some titles and choose one to write a synopsis of, all you need is a paragraph. It can relate to CS if you want, but the zanier the better!


I'll go first, sorry I'm not a writer. This is just to get things rolling.

Title: The Pirate from the Improbable Autogyro

Bullied and abandoned as a child Jack Niles was never given a second glance by those in his small town, but when the strange Austrian Professor Zollenburg passed through and whisked him away things would never be the same. Before long Jack was a scientific genius with a penchant for danger! Joining up with a gang of airship pirates Jack becomes their inspired scientific mind. Helping them conduct the biggest heists in history with newfangled tech that no lawman can catch! But when someone does catch up with Jack and his posse it could be curtains for the daring gang unless Jack betrays a secret he's long kept...

Your turn!

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