Campaign mods for the PC game.

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Re: Campaign mods for the PC game.

Postby foxmalcolm » Wed Mar 30, 2011 7:10 pm

If you can figure it out please let me know, What you have there is currently all I have been able to extract of the pictures with known formats.
As I mentioned earlier I do have a number of other files but they do not have file extensions.
For instance instead of being dev_wing-texture.jpg, it instead is dev_wing-texture.

Now ordinarily if a file format has no extension all you have to do is open the file in notepad and look at the first four or five characters and it will tell you the format extension that the picture is and all you have to do is rename it.
However on these files there is no extension info in fact there is nothing at all except spaces.
I have gone throught the list of know extensions to no avail, except for .raw.

Unfortunately in order to view .raw you must know what the file size and resolutions are and that is not as easy as it sounds.
The best I have been able to get is those greyscale images I posted earlier and they are not even high resolution.
Now there are other more easily recognised file formats like jpg, gif and png in the main .zbd files unfortunately I have not been able to extract them.

We have asked the guys at the mechwarrior modding site if they would be willing to make an extract tool for us but other than a few individuals looking at the coding we have had no significant help.
Basically unless we can get some help from a programmer to revesrse engineer the files then there is no way we can get at them for now.

Personally I would love to get some help here, as far as I know in the past 10 years I am the only person to get even this much and all I did was go through the list of availble file extraction programs [there must be over a hundred by now].

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Re: Campaign mods for the PC game.

Postby Jester » Fri Apr 01, 2011 10:31 am

That is, frustrating.

I might look into it later, but I doubt there's anything I can find that you haven't already. Thanks again for taking the time to work on it though.
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