Assault Rifle (Vera).

Title explains it all. Made a photo or video with CS as the main topic?
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Assault Rifle (Vera).

Postby Grant » Sun Mar 01, 2009 12:01 am


Not actually a NEW creation.....just picture-it modifying that...really looks amateruish ;) But. I couldn't think of anywhere else to put it.

Okay. I had to creat an old-time version of Jayne Cobb's (From Firefly) primary weapon "Vera". In the Show "Firefly it was a modified 12 gauge AK-47.(I think. I never saw "Serenity", but someone said they changed Vera for that film). Officially
A Callahan fullbore autolock,customized trigger and double cartridge thourough-gage


Anyway, I needed something equally as cool ;) NO "Standard". A semi-auto, it HAD to be...But 1937 (Even in my accelerated timeline) wasn't alot of choices. ANd a full auto...too big, or just a pistol cartridge. It had to be an "Assault rifle", which were very rare in those days. I figured it would have to be very much a "Custom gun" as no militaries were even close at the time.

I got inspiration when I saw Hamer's .35 that he (Might..I think he did..AIn't sure if it was that gun, or a standard) used to gun down Bonnie and Cyde.

Well...I had a day and I went on took me logner than I'd like to admit ;) For a simple job like that. But I worked up 4 variations.

My question: Which one best serves as his gun? Personally, I am leaning to #4. #1. Is still the long barrel (Ignore the badly edited forward pistol grip), #2, is okay, #3 looks TOO submachinegunnish.... #4 looks better, in a rifle like that (For better long-range fire) I think the forward pistol grip would be cumbersome.

Just curious on what everyone else thought?

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