finally affordable at home 3d printing!!

Made a airplane? Zeppelin? Something in between? Here's where to put it. (Meant for any new skins/etc.etc/ and not actual new aircraft stats)
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finally affordable at home 3d printing!!

Postby couchmonkeyhero » Fri May 31, 2013 9:19 pm

In a games such as Crimson Skies or other miniature game... when the game is no longer supported and no revival in sight.. we are left to our own devices.. well if one happens to be a 3d printer.. well things are looking up ;) they have been around for a good while now.. in the early days we needed to set up a prototype and the costs associated with creating the prototype and the cost of manufacture.. the setup costs alone usually scared off alot of people...

then they started to make at home 3d printers... they were/are still pretty expensive 2000 - 5000 dollar range.. but there is company out now that has a kickstarter going and making 3d printers at a very very affordable price... not talking about the 1000 - 2000 dollar ballpark.. we are talking south of 500 dollars. hells yeah!!!! the company is called Pirate3D inc. as i said they started a kickstarter yesterday ( in hopes of raising $100 000 dollars over the course of a month. They started yesterday and raised $345 000+ already. there is some nifty things we could do with such technology.. ie making parts to retrofit zeppelin models to something that ties better into Crimson Skies Cannon. making new planes that never were produced.. maybe even armored trains, ships or small 3d buildings.. we are on the edge of a creative breakthough where people can make and share and game universes can expand well past the scope of its creators.

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