XP/VISTA/W7 ?????

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XP/VISTA/W7 ?????

Postby Gingerbeard » Wed May 26, 2010 9:13 am

Hello to all.
This may not be the right thing to make a good first impression on you, but I'll start off my postcount by asking a question. This question may seem completely stupid, and may have been answered a hundred times on this forum and other internet places, but I can't find any answer. The question that I'm coming to in a rather circumlocutious way is : Is there a way to make CS work on Windows XP/Vista/7 ??

I discovered CS some six or seven years ago and became a great fan, just as all my neighbouring friends. After plaing and training I became the "Neighbourhood Ace" six consecutive times in the championship (counting 8 contestants) we organised monthly. Not a very great feat, I'm afaraid, we weren't really good,and I expect any of you would have beaten seven kinds of crap out of me even then at the height of my let's say career.
Then I moved to France, and bought other games and Crimson Skies was forgotten, until I found it again six months ago and tried installing it on my computer. Frustrated by the impossibility of this, I went back to Age of Empires and Neverwinter Nights.
I'm just telling you this to offer a background of my dealings and sentimental attachment to the game. You probably won't care, skip it and just bid me welcome (or "go throw yourself under a train" if you prefer that).

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Re: XP/VISTA/W7 ?????

Postby foxmalcolm » Wed May 26, 2010 10:29 pm

Oohh!! Neverwinter Nights, I like that game . . .
Ok, in answer to your question, Yes! CS does work in windows 7, I know because I am using it.
Now unfortunately my you-beaut-wiz-bang computer [i-core 5] will not work with my old Win XP pro OS, so I have been forced to use either vista or seven.
Being a graphic artist I have more need of using the power available from a 64 bit OS and so I decided to bite the bullet and use Windows 7 ultimate [64 bit].
Problem . . .
None of my Graphics cards work in CS so I am forced to use Software rendering mode, even with the the use of the new user made patches I still can not run CS in full hardware rendering mode.
SO I am stuck with software rendering mode . . . but this is not as bad as it sounds.
I covered this a while back before the patches came out here.
If you follow these directions you should have no problem using the game.

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Re: XP/VISTA/W7 ?????

Postby Gingerbeard » Fri May 28, 2010 2:18 pm

(Yeah, I like NWN too, but now I'm stuck with a computer with a broken CD-player, no admin code and no crack for NWN 2 :evil: )

Okay, thankyou very much for the link. It seems rather complicated (I have no knowledge about computers above installing/uninstalling/internet) but I'll give it a try as soon as possible.

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Re: XP/VISTA/W7 ?????

Postby Phoenix » Mon Aug 23, 2010 6:47 pm

I know for a fact that CS works under XP; I played it on XP for a few years with only occasional glitches, which seemed to have more to do with the game itself than with the hardware. Right now I'm on my new laptop, which has Windows 7. I haven't tried installing CS yet, but it sounds like it works, so I'm hoping for the best.
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