What is it about the PC version....

Generally speaking it is quite general.
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What is it about the PC version....

Postby shinzuer » Mon Jan 14, 2013 2:12 am

..... that makes it impossible to mod or hack and mod ? Every other game under the under the sun seems to be able to be modified except this one. :cry: :cry: :cry:

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Re: What is it about the PC version....

Postby Grant » Wed Jan 30, 2013 4:25 am

Part of the reason is where alot of the coding is "out there" Mico$oft has NOT released the coding to the game, and doesn't share flight models with other games.

I still ain't figured out why not, it's a 13 year old game, and they've released the coding to more modern games....what gives?

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Re: What is it about the PC version....

Postby Thom » Thu Jan 31, 2013 5:14 am

I suspect that it may be that the original code belongs to Zipper. They developed it FOR FASA Studios, therefore I think the actual game code/engine may not belong to Microsoft, just the rights to that game the intellectual property it is derived from. When they were still talking about sequels, they had said they would be using the MW4/5 engine that was then being developed, but it was never finished before the honeymoon ended.
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