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Another Parasite Concept (Airliner Taxi/Shuttle)

PostedCOLON Sun Apr 21, 2013 2:09 am
by Thom
This one is real is pretty cool and adds a new twist to the parasite concept, a shuttle or taxi to service an airliner! Sounds almost like a flying hotel with enough fuel on board to fly transcontinental non-stop.


Modern Mechanix, March 1935 wroteColonTAXI PLANE Picks Up FREIGHT And Passengers for AIRLINER

HIGH speed taxi planes that can come and go from a giant “mother” air transport at will are proposed as a means of providing fast, non-stop transcontinental air service. The smaller ship, released over a city, would land at the airport to discharge and take on passengers and freight, then soar upwards again to catch up with the slower airliner. As may be seen from the sketches, the method of launching the taxi plane is very similar to that used by the U. S. Navy in handling pursuit planes on dirigibles. A trapeze crane lifts the small ship into the hull of the transport, where passengers may be transferred to roomy quarters on the airliner.