Premium Weapons????

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Premium Weapons????

Postby Grant » Sat Feb 07, 2009 1:43 am

In the rules (Crimson Veil addon book).

It stated Superior weapons "Only jammed on those shots that miss by more than 1" and Premium weapons "ONly jammed on those shots that miss by two".

What do they mean "Miss by more than"???? Isn't a miss by more than 1 a Miss even if you didn't have superior weapons?

Or do they mean:

The THN on the opposing craft is 7. Normally if you get a 6, your guns jam. DO they mean you need to get BELOW 6 to have them Jam?

Personally, what I was doing (Planned on it anyway). Was, that Superior weapons jammed when 1 shot misses badly and gets a 1 or 2 die number. Premium weapons need to have BOTH shots miss AND get a 1 or 2 die result.

Phoenix Wrote
Yeah, that's what it means. So if you needed a 5 to hit the target, and you had Superior Weapons, and you rolled a four, then you still miss, but the guns are unjammed. With Premium Weapons, if you rolled a 3, you would still miss, but the guns would remain unjammed. While you miss, you don't have to waste your next shooting round unjamming their guns. It's supposed to represent the fact that while you as a pilot might miss, your guns are of such high quality that they can sustain this high rate of fire without issues.

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