Question About Turrents?

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Question About Turrents?

Postby foxmalcolm » Fri Jan 30, 2009 11:16 pm

Having played my first game last night, I will admit that I am no expert on the rules, however, going over the stats and damage rollout, weapons, etc for the planes I noticed an anomaly.

The main one being that the Kestral and the Firebrand are depicted as having turrets as well as their mini's and in the PC game, yet there is no stats for them and the damage block has them listed as front/rear engines without turrets.

Has anybody else noticed this or is there perhaps an errata sheet somewhere that amends this?

[I discovered it while making a clean version in Illustrator of the Kestral's record sheet, mine is a photocopy of a photocopy so some of the text is difficult to read]
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Re: Question About Turrents?

Postby » Fri Jan 30, 2009 11:19 pm

Grant Wrote
That is true, their "Turrents" are simply light, Pintle guns. (Rules available in the CS download under the Behind the Crimson Veil).

Basically they do a single block of damage, tough to hit with (Must succeed in the TH roll by +4). Not really usefull but good for character purposes

A pintle gun is basically a .30 caliber light machine gun. Instead of a 250 round belted gun, it is like a BAR with a 20 round magazine, or a Bren with a 30 round magazine. In addition the rounds are probably standard rifle weight instead of anti-aircraft (Not AP, probably 150 grain weight VS 187-200).

Parriah Wrote
All of which WK seemed not to take into account when they made thier games. The rear guns on Firebrands and Kestrels do a good lick of damage.

Grant Wrote
I always thought they should do more damage. But it is sorta nice having a pintle gun like that.

Although on my personal kestrals,etc. I replaced it with a single .30 waist-mounted gun.

Parriah Wrote
The pental guns on Stukas and SBD's didn't do much good.

Grant Wrote
Yeah, but I always thought that in the world of CS when stuff has been hard-tested for so much longer, it would be better. (For example having better rear-facing firepower,etc,etc.).

Parriah Wrote
The problem with that is the biger the bore, the biger the recoil. And simple little pintle mounts can only take so much foerce before they break. Also the gunner'd have a harder time dealing with the aiming due to kickback. Plus the weight would slow him down in following a target.

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