Quebec Sourcebook - The Warzone (Finished!)

Got history/background for a region in CS? let us know. (Also includes re-interpretations of Canon if you wish)
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Quebec Sourcebook - The Warzone (Finished!)

Postby Cyagen » Mon Nov 11, 2013 7:31 pm

Anyther one finished...enjoy

The East Sector or The Wild East (The Gaspésie peninsula)

“It is officially called a Sector by both side but honestly, after the last roadblock north Rivière-du-Loup, it is pretty much Indian country”, told me Cpt. Frost of the MPA when I announced my intention to fly to Percé. “Sure we try to keep some kind of order on the shores of the river, with garrisons in in Trois Pistoles and Rimouski, but apart from that...its either Pirate- or Patriotesland.

As a result of the occupation, the Gaspé Peninsula, what used to be the extreme east of the ROQ, is cut from the rest of the country. Although the region has a long common border with the Martime Provinces, and there are no significant ATQ units in the sector, the Provinces’ leadership decided not to occupy it and are trying to choke the resistance of the remaining small guerilla units that are present in the sector and that call themselves the “Armée de Libération Patriote” (Patriote Libération Army). However, from what I could see on the ground, this strategy does not seem to be successful at the moment.

Again, the Maritimes Provinces do not have the manpower of occupy this sector. It is very unusual for any unit to be seen anywhere but Trois Pistoles, Rismouski, Mont-Joli and on the road that links Mont-Joli to the former New Brunswick. In the Lower Peninsula, they occupy Matapédia and with that control the Baie des Chaleurs. However, people with MP sympathies will not be safe outside of these towns. –L

Although they are some roads in the sector, the only way I could make it to my destination, Percé a town at the extreme east of the Peninsula, in a reasonable time was again to arrange for transportation with the various adventurers that criss-cross the sector. I was shocked by the prices they were asking until I realised that business in the sector was very risky.

“You got the various pirates gangs that will try to capture your cargo, explained Yvan Boudreault my pilot, the Patriotes that will shoot down anything that looks like a MP plane, the MPAF that is going after anything that looks like a Patriote planes and finally you got AAQ and French planes from the Sentinels that are going to shoot you down if they had a bad day. Up here you got to work very hard just to stay alive.”

My trip ended up pretty uneventful and I landed in the town of Percé two days later. Percé used to be a small fishing village but had now become a staging post for the Patriotes. The port was buzzing with people unloading up to three ships at the same time.

The ROQ and their allies are using the ports of Gaspé and Percé to supply the Patriotes and the local population with various supplies. –L

I was received by my contact Lucien Tremblay, the editor of the local paper, the Gaspésia. “Nobody is going to talk to you around here, he told me, it is us against them and them is a very broad term.” Life seems almost normal in Percé but my host warned me that it was an illusion. “At any time we can get raided by pirates, the MP or God knows what. Also, get one mile outside of town and you are going to see people that are basically living the same way their grandparents were living fifty years ago, you have the impression to have stepped into a time machine. And finally, you got the Patriotes.”

I had the impression that this name carried a kind of respect mixed with fear. I guess that this is normal since they are the only ones that are carrying guns around town, even the policemen are unarmed. They are the real power in town and seems to run it with militarily precision. They did not seem to me to be the bad of ragged criminals that we keep hearing about, but a disciplined, powerful and efficient army.

Our best guest about the Patriotes iner workings is that the biggest groups are either directly or indirectly controlled by operatives of the “Service de Sécurité Intérieur” (Home affair Security Service) or SSI, the ROQ intelligence service. However, for the small groups, they are pretty much pirate gangs with another name. –L

Defenders of the République

Le régiment Gaspé de l’Armée de Libération Patriote.

Isolated from the rest of the République, Gaspé’s only support from the government is the monthly supply ship and the occasional zeppelin. The rest of the time, they must fetch for themselves. However, with that support and the one of the Patriotes they managed to build a small air force to try to create an oasis in this sea of chaos. The Gaspé regiment is, contrary to most Patriotes groups, a defensive force. They very rarely execute any offensive action. Their main activities are patrolling above the city and scouting the surrounding to prevent surprise attacks. As payment for that protection the Patriotes get food and shelter from the inhabitants of the region. Over the years the Gaspé regiment became one of the most respected groups of the ALP.

Pilots and their planes

Hubert "Lulu" Calvet is the leader of the group. Himself a fisherman from New Carlisle, he was forced to flee his home after the town became the object of regular raids from the Maritime Provinces Navy and ended up in Gaspé. He created the Gaspé regiment in an effort to prevent that the town share the faith of his hometown. People describe him as a gentle giant with a deep bass voice that imposes respect immediately when entering a room. He does not seem to be interested in being a warlord and is happy to let the elected official lead the people that he protects. For all these reasons he quickly earned the respect of the local population.

Clavet is most likely a SSI operative that was send to Gaspé at the beginning of the war to organise the local population. His legend would probably not survive proper scrutiny. – L

Most of his pilots have been trained locally or refugees with prior flying experience. Clavet is very careful with his boys; the isolation of Gaspé makes it difficult to find proper replacements. One of his most repeated quotes is: “Planes can be shipped in, but pilots take years to train”. Most of the planes are flown by the Gaspé Regiment are old models but they are maintained as best has the mechanics can in the circumstances. The Gaspé planes are painted in the traditional red, white and green colours.

Recent engagements
Gaspé is a pretty quiet place. The regular visits that it receives by either French or ROQ make it a high risk target for the Maritime Provinces or pirate gangs. However, this supply line also makes any successful raid on the town with reap high rewards. So there are always some pirates that will try their luck and give Gaspé a go even if it is a hard task.

Scenario – Communal defence

The Stuart's Scourge, a pirate group based in the New Brunswick, recently received letter of Marques from the Maritime Provinces. Their first operation after receiving it was a raid on Gaspé. However, their boat had been spotted by a Patriotes plane, so when they flew in, the Gaspé regiment was waiting for them.

Set up: Use the Port map, the Patriotes set up first on the X edge of the map, the Pirates set up second.

Rules of engagements: Neither side may take more than half the pay load of rockets, to simulate the supply shortage for both sides. The dock beside the ship is considered a landing strip for the purpose of this scenario

Victory conditions: The goal of the pirates is to steal as much supplies as possible from Gaspé. Every turn that the transport plane spends on the ground next to the ship it picks up XX lbs of cargo. If the plane lands on water, it can only take on XX/2 lbs per turn. Once on landed, the transport plane cannot be targeted by any planes or turret. If the pirates manage to escape with their cargo, they get 1 Victory point per XX of cargo. Each side get 1 VP per enemy plane shot down. If a player shots down all the fighters of his opponent, he won the game.

The Stuart's Scourge

Flight 1
Derren “Plague” Stuart 6-4-4-3-4-4
Greyson “Locust” Hobbes 4-5-3-3-5-2

Flight 2
Aaren “Fire” Bush 5-4-3-2-5-3
Ivan “Czar” Romanov 5-3-5-3-4-2

Flight 3
Louie “Frog ” Ferland 4-3-4-3-5-3
Bunny “Raving” Metaxas 3-3-3-2-5-3
Med Transport plane (BTN 1) (Min XXX Lbs of cargo capacity)

The Armée de résistance Patriote, Gaspé division

Flight 1
Léonard “Momo” Monette 3-3-8-3-3-3
Harfang MK I
Frank “Dé” Travers 4-4-3-3-5-3

Flight 2
Jacob “Sapin” Bois 4-3-5-4-4-2
Donald “Mac” McKellar 6-3-5-2-3-2

Squadron leader
Hubert "Lulu" Calvet 3-3-5-3-6-6
Harfang Mk IIA

2 flak ground turrets placed anywhere on the map.
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