Rules for Submitting.

Expanded/Home Rules for Crimson Skies
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Rules for Submitting.

Postby Grant » Sat Jan 24, 2009 5:13 pm

When submitting a new rule, make it as easy to understand as possible (As possible. Sometimes it is tough to get across).

When a post is made on a topic, label it as best describes the modification of rules, building, guns,armor,etc.

I will be having 5 sections a rule can go under (Your post will remain there. But as a "Quick-read" I will be C&Ping your poste (With your credited name) to a master-thread of that topic.

Gameplay changes.(Differing rules of redlineing, special rolls,etc.)
Plane-Building-Armor & Structure.
Anything that doesn't fit above. SUch as Campaign rules, specific combat for ground personal (Although that should go in miscelanous)

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