CRIMSON-WINGS - Hexless play.

Expanded/Home Rules for Crimson Skies
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Re: CRIMSON-WINGS - Hexless play.

Postby foxmalcolm » Sun Mar 28, 2010 8:54 pm

I like it, it is similar to a system that some friends and I are developing for our Crimson Skies Freeform.
The only difference is that we are still using the hex's to show player and enemy positions.

In our version every round you are dealt several move cards and those become the only list of moves you are allowed to use throughout that round.
Each card has a maneuver diagram and a speed/hex movement icon printed on it.
The game works similar to robo rally, there are a number of turns in a round and you get a finite amount of cards every round, the difference is that we are not going to ask you to pre plan every move in the round all in one go in under 1 min :mrgreen:

Damage is simple too, every player is dealt a series of cards with numbers, no two cards have the same number, and players must place them in any order they choose, face down in a pile.
Then whenever a number is needed for either hitting an opponent or receiving damage you expose the top most card.
Damage is either clicked off of a dial or subtracted from a total [haven't decided yet].

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