Plane Storage

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Plane Storage

Postby Phoenix » Sat Jan 24, 2009 6:02 pm

Alright, so you're squadron has all of their planes assigned and you have no more room in your zepp hangar, but you jsut saw the coolest new plane in the showroom... What do you do?

These rules that I came up with are for just such an occasion. I have made rules regarding plaen storage. Planes may be stored on either a zeppelin or at an airfield. Planes in storage are in one general piece, but may have their wings removed, engines exposed, guns covered, be covered with a tarp or placed in a shed...etc. A plane that is in storage may not be used. However, you may take a plane out of storage. To do this, you must have either enough room for more ready planes or must put a currently ready plane in storage. This takes one mission. In otehrwords, if you're playing a campaign, and you finish mission 3, if you get a plane out of storage immediately afterwards, it wil lbe ready for use by mission 5. The pilot of the to-be-ready plane may not participate in the misison while his plane is being readied.

Now, as to how many planes can you store...
Zepplins and airfield (or even carriers for that matter) will have a certain number of planes taht they can keep ready. Any moving airfield (that is, a zeppelin or carrier) may store 1/2 as many planes as it keeps ready. So if your zepp can hold 4 planes, you can keep 2 stored. An airfield has more room, and can hold as many planes in storage as it has in readiness. So if your airfield has room for 12 planes ,you may store 12. There is no cost associated with storing or readying a plane, but every 2 missions that the plane is in storage, you must pay a maintenance fee (for cleaning of engines and guns, maintenance of controls, physical cleaning of the airframe, small part replacements, and so on) equal to 1% of hte planes purchasing cost. So a plane that cost $10,000 requires a maintenance fee of $10 every 2 missions.
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Re: Plane Storage

Postby » Sun Jan 25, 2009 6:31 pm

Grant Wrote
I never thought of this, but it is a good idea. Keeping extra planes in case of ones damage or loss.

Then again Most of the units I am using are largte, but operating on the fringe, and cannot afford more than what they got. Except Kahn Industries.

Currently the ones I am using.
Montana Raiders: 20 aircraft+Combat zeppelin.(Worldwide operators, and my personal unit...Basically think a globetrotting company of Indiana Joneses )

Desert Cats: 14 Aircraft+????Number of hidden Desert bases(Based in Arixo, raid into Mexico mainly with some work done outside of there).

Black Condors: 2 Small combat zeppelins (1450 feet),+ 26 Aircraft.

EVG(Empire Volunteer Group), I cargo Zepp converted into combat+ 70 Fighter aircraft.

Kahn Industries: Acknowladged forces: 3 COmbat zeppelins,16 Squadrons of aircraft.

Reefers: 2 Combat zeppelins (1 Carrier, 1 Combat) +3-4 Squadrons of fighters.

Also I use a few "Official" units, The Hawaiin airforce, The RAF,etc.

Phoenix Wrote
Yeah, damage, loss, of for planes like the SR-2 Seer and the U-23 Cloud Raider (you know those scout planes) taht are incredibly good at what they do but are so specialized that they aren't much use anywhere else.

My units are:
Barracudas-Pacific pirates. Operate from islands, and fly seaplanes almost exclusively. No zeppelins, but several bases.

Dust Devils-Pirate group in the Disputed Western Territories. Relatively poor (no planes worth mroe than $10,000) but know Western Territories like almost no one else (receive Pirate Home Advantage in DWT). Most planes are long-range or easy to maintain.

Night Eagles-1 military carrier double-wide zeppelin, 144 planes, 14 autogyros. A small air force in and of themselves. Globetrotters. Currently working for the Empire State as mercenaries, but owe them no allegiance beyond money.

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