Home-Rules for game.

Expanded/Home Rules for Crimson Skies
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Home-Rules for game.

Postby Phoenix » Sat Jan 24, 2009 5:46 pm

Really this is just sort of a thread for my miscellaneous home rules.

1) I use optional collisions (not immediately lethal). From The Rules of Air Combat.

2) I use the optional bailout rules form wings of honor. This means that if a pilot fails a bailout roll, he does not immediately die, but instead takes 1 point of Constitution damage for every point he failed the roll by. Tends to keep your pilots safer.

3) Kills. I use the rules for half kills in Rules of Air Combat. However, regarding noncombat bailouts - If the plane will be defeated (such as a burning magnesium round or drill rocket heading for the pilot/fuel tank/engine/about to saw off wing) then the pilot who bails out loses no experience points, and the person who inflicted the damage gains a full kill.

4) Healing. If a pilot loses Constitution from battle wounds, then it heals at a rate of 1 point for every mission the pilot sits out. So if your wingman took one point of damage, and sat out the next mission, he would be back to normal by the misison after. This requires both a trained medic and sufficient medical supplies. However, serious wounds (pilot's normal Constitution divided by 3) then the wound is too serious and may not heal, it must be improved using experience points. Note that this only applies to pilots of Constitution 5 or higher
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Re: Home-Rules for game.

Postby setbb.com » Sun Jan 25, 2009 7:05 pm

Grant Wrote
I use differant flak rules.. I have it fired normally (At the end of the firing turn, detonates after next turns movement), but I don't have it placed out openly for public viewing..

I SEROUSLY doubt that in the heat of battle a pilot would have time to see a rocket streaking, decide it's a flak and move to avoid it.

I also have a personal rule I made...Sorta differant but it works okay.

For 90 XP a pilot can buy a automatic bailout, good for one use....Extra-training,etc. to explain it. It balances out by allowing bigger stat players to continue, but with a loss of points... In addition, the option has to be chosen before attempting to bail out normally....If you try to bailout and you fail, you cannot use this option.

Phoenix Wrote
No, I mean what I call damage over time bailouts. You shoot the plane and it loses its wing, then you need to bail out normally. I mean that if a plane has been hit with say a magnesium round, and it is burning towards your fuel tank, then if you bail out then you lose no experience points. HE or AP rockets don't work with this. It's only things like drill rockets and magnesium rounds that inflict damage every turn for a few turns.

That free bailout is useful.

Grant Wrote
I agree, I always used your type of explanation as well.

I figured it is a bailout due to damage, it shouldn't detract.

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Re: Home-Rules for game.

Postby smoto » Fri Jan 06, 2012 6:45 pm

agree with the hidden flak..we are wondering how its done... how you implement this, how you announce it, how its noted on plot sheet , etc,... ?

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