Ultra-Light/Heavy Stick

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Ultra-Light/Heavy Stick

Postby Grant » Sat Jan 24, 2009 5:32 pm

Ultra-LIGHT stick

This reduces the target number for pushing the G's by 2.
It raises airframe cost by 75%.
So far I am having thise rule to apply ONLY to Japanese fightercraft.
Ultra HEAVY stick.

This raises the Target number for pushing the G's by 2.
It lowers airframe cost by 50%.

Only applicable to Heavy Fighters (BTN 6-1)

Thanks to Pheonix for the idea

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Re: Ultra-Light/Heavy Stick

Postby setbb.com » Sun Jan 25, 2009 6:34 pm

Phoenix Wrote
Sounds good to me, would there be an ultra heavy stick opposite? It always seems like while guns & engines get 2 steps in at least one direction, maneuverability gets left out.

Grant Wrote
Hmmm. Good idea.

I will say you are the first boardgamer to visit the site ;) Good to see around.

Phoenix Wrote
I'm not just boardgame. I've also got the PC game.

Grant Wrote
Me.. As long as it is CrimsonSkies I like it .. :D

P.S. I take that back.... I don't have a X-box, and even if I did, I doubt I would by the X-box HIgh Road to Revenge...Just looks Yech.

Phoenix Wrote
Hey, it can't be worse than hte WizKids version.

Grant Wrote
Yeah/.... WK is pretty bad...But hey. At least the planes are usable

Phoenix Wrote
Good point. I never bothered to get them cause I didn't want to go through the trouble of rebasing them.

Grant Wrote
I never based them. I probably should, but the games I been flying, I just place them on the map.

I got to do something diff though

Carthaginian Wrote
High Rood wasn't bad- story was nice, just that the aircraft controls were a bit too arcade-ish for me.

Just re-loaded the PC version here.
Looking forward to splashing some pirates

Grant Wrote
Great game ;) gets predictable (Only a problem if you play it 30-40 times through like me ) But it is fun using differant planes,etc. ;)

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