Premium Range

Expanded/Home Rules for Crimson Skies
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Premium Range

Postby Grant » Sat Jan 24, 2009 5:29 pm

Premium Range.
Effect:Expands range by 50%.
Cost:Raises engine cost by 40%.
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Re: Premium Range

Postby » Sun Jan 25, 2009 6:26 pm

Phoenix Wrote
Nice. This helps, cause I've been trying to replicate the four-engine Texan Longhorn bomber using the bomber rules from the Black Zeroes site, but the most range you can have with a four engine plane is something like 1160 mio (with Superior Range +25%). So this will get it closer to the stated 2000 mi range.

Grant Wrote
One thought, I don't know.

But you could also possibly have some of the Cargo capacity as a Fuel load? I mean, Fuel is counted (In Real life) as part of the weight lift..

Example. In the rules a Fuel tank (External) takes 1 Hardpoint (1 Hardpoint=125 LBs') and extends range 25%. Because of the bombers heavy weight, possibly double the weight?

So for every 250 LB's of fuel an additional 25% range is achieved? I was thinking of doing that for the "Betty" twin-engine bomber used by the Japanese (600 Mile base range+50% only equells 900Miles, VS the 1200Miles of the real one)

Phoenix Wrote
Good point. I saw a place that gave the ability to add Internal hardpoints for 125 lbs. sort of like a bomb bay. So yeah, that could work.

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