Revised Ordnance Rules

Expanded/Home Rules for Crimson Skies
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Revised Ordnance Rules

Postby Grant » Sat Jan 24, 2009 5:28 pm

Okay...I been looking (Reason? I am planning on doing some pacific ship combat. Torpedoe bombers, Torpedoe boats,etc.)

And I personally think the way the damage applied by boms is somewhat flimsy (Flak hits for bombs...uh...I dunno...)

Leastways here is what I developed.

Flak rockets (And ground flak,etc.) Now deal:
2X.40AP, 2X.30AP, 2X.30DD,applied as per flak rules (Rolling 1 location for a hit), then applying that section as per machine gun hits.

ALL bombs retain their old hardpoint takeup (1 HP for a 100LB,4HP for a 500LB,etc.)
100LB bomb does damage Flak Hit. Special AP bombs do AP rocket damage but cost 2X more.
250 LB bomb does damage 7 boxes wide by 6 boxes deep
500LB bomb does damage 9 boxes wide by 9 boxes deep.
1000LB bomb does damage 12 boxes wide by 13 hexes deep.
WATERBORNE TORPEDOE RULES (Later the Torpedoe bombers I made to handle them )

One torpedoe requires 4 hardpoints, and a combined weight (Free weight+Planes hardpoint total) of 1700 LB (1800LB on Japanese Torpedoes). PER Torpedoe. If there is free weight, a plane with 8 hardpoints may carry two.

Example. A Warhawk has 8 hardpoints (1,000LB weight). ANd although it has the required hardpoints, does not have the weight capacity to lift it. The Warhawk has two options.
#1. Overload his hardpoints and fly that way.
#2. Free space.
He removes two of the 60 caliber cannons, freeing up 1200 LBs. 1200+1000LB=2200. He now can carry the torpedoe and has an extra 500LB to use on armor or guns.
OR he can remove ALL the 60 caliber cannons, and free up 2400 LBs. 2400+1000LB=3400. He can now carry TWO torpedoes(1700LB+4Hardpoints is needed per torpedoe, he now has both).

Torpedoes have the following rules.
#1....Before launching the carrying plane must move a (Minimum) of 6 hexes in a straight line.
#2......Upon launching the torpedoe will continue ahead at a speed of 1, for 6 turns (7 turns for Japanese torpedoes).
#3....A torpedoe cannot be launched closer than 2 hexes from the target.
#4. It will then impact on whichever hex that it intersects with.
#5. (Of course) A torpedoe cannot move over a land hex.
#6. It does a damage 10 boxes wide by 12 deep(14 deep for Japanese torpedoes).

Soon I will have up my rules for inflicting damage on ships.

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Re: Revised Ordnance Rules

Postby Carthaginian » Sat Jan 24, 2009 6:20 pm

Looks very good.
I was wondering how to get that kind of combat into Crimson Skies. Can''t wait to try them out. Hopefully Wednesday I'll have time.
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Re: Revised Ordnance Rules

Postby » Sun Jan 25, 2009 6:40 pm

Carthaginian Wrote
Looks very good.
I was wondering how to get that kind of combat into Crimson Skies. Can''t wait to try them out. Hopefully Wednesday I'll have time.

Grant Wrote
First usage will probably be by the EVG (Amazing eh Expanding to waterborne attacks) in coastal attacks on a couple Japanese oil tankers.

A pair of P2 warhawks escorted by 4 J2 Furies.

HOPEFULLY I can get a game by next weekend and let you guys know how it did

(I usually play myself. In scenario's like this, I can do okay in fighting myself...I did convince mom to do a couple just so I wouldn't know my strategies Although not a "Skilled" pilot by common definition, it is tough hitting someone who doesn't do "Normal" routines )

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