Desert Blades

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Desert Blades

Postby Phoenix » Sun Jan 25, 2009 10:36 pm

My main group (The Night Eagles) is so rich and overpowered that I thought that I'd try something else. So I came up with the Desert Blades. They are a just-formed pirate band, operating out of the Disputed Western Territories. I gave them three planes and $5000 dollars to start with, which means they may not have all the rockets they want, and if you bail out successfully, it will be a while before you're getting a new plane.

So here they are:

Lead 1:
Tristan "Chief" Pratt 5-3-4-5-4-4
Marquette PR-1 Defender
Tristan Pratt is the leader of the Desert Blades. Blessed with skill at flying and great coolness under fire, he is a good counter to the over-eager Tanner and the excitable Fulton. He flies a PR-1 Defender, although he never has said where he acquired it (it is believed that he either stole it or had a friend who gave it to him).

Wing 1a:
Lila "Speedy" Tanner 5-3-3-3-4-4
Hughes P21-J Mk.III Devastator
Lila Tanner is Pratt's first wingman. She is known for redlining an engine, and uses her skill at high-speed flying to make slashing passes through enemy formations. She flies a P21-J Mk.III Devastator, both for its high speed and ruggedness (so that its engine can better take the punishment she inflicts on it). According to her, she bought the Devastator with her own money and then took off with it.

Wing 1b:
Adam "Jumpy" Fulton 4-3-4-1-3-6
Fairchild F4 Bandit
Adam Fulton is Pratt's second wingman. He is highly nervous and excitable, which gave rise to his nickname. However, this jumpiness has given him amazing reflexes, which allows him to spot enemies before the other Blades. He flies an F4 bandit, and often flies point for the Desert Blades.
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