Introduction to Sky Engineering

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Introduction to Sky Engineering

Postby Phoenix » Sun Jan 25, 2009 10:34 pm

I always thought, why let Blackflag have all the fun? So my pirate group has their own engineering adn design firm, called Sky Engineering. They make their own engines, but buy guns from elsewhere.

They have their own coding system for engines.
Engines names are an s, then the horsepower, then tags based on its type.

So a 1100 hp engine would be a S-1100-R.

The tags are:
R-Radial Engine
I-Inline Engine
D-Diesel Fuel
X-Modified from an Existing Engine
HO-High Octane Fuel/High Performance Engine
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Re: Introduction to Sky Engineering

Postby » Sun Jan 25, 2009 10:39 pm

Phoenix Wrote
Oh, one more thing. I've added a new category to aircraft design, called gadgets. These are things like diesel engines or rapid-fire guns that are add-ons, but don't quite fit as special characteristics. You can have the same number of gadgets as Special characteristics (that is, 12-BTN) and you can have the full allotment of both gadgets and special characteristics (they don't count for each others spots).

Grant Wrote
I personally never use the Special features option..If I want more on a plane, I will use more I always thought it was dumb that a big plane could have more features than a little one....

Phoenix Wrote
Ah well, I use them. So feel free to count them out if you want, it's no big deal. Besides, I think that hte limit is sort of bogus. On one of my plane designs, I wanted more features, so I said screw this and stuck on more features.

Grant Wrote
Ah that is what I meant That I don't pay attention to the game rules. Special features does sound good though.

Phoenix Wrote
Yeah, since I play solo, my word goes, so they're more guidelines than actual rules...

Oh, by the way, I just remembered a quote my friend told me...It applies to another game, but still works. "Sometimes, for a game or setting to work, some rules must die." I prefer to use that system. If it's convenient, rules apply, but otherwise, rules out the window.

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